Does Dating Make You Fat?


I went on another date this past week. Not that I’m complaining about dating but I ate/drank a bunch of empty calories that I normally would not have.

I met Ken at a restaurant near my apartment in Manhattan for our first date. This restaurant is known for being trendy, having dark lighting and great food.  The initial meeting was very warm and since we had been chatting on the phone for about two weeks. He was very attentive to what I wanted to eat so he could relay the message to the waiter. Such a gentleman like thing to do, I can’t remember the last time a man ordered for me. I’m not even sure if I prefer that.

I decided on a Kale Caesar Salad (yum), a side of mac and cheese and a glass of chardonnay. Ken wanted to match my meal and drinks, which wasn’t called for, just order what you want dude. Those were barely in my calorie allotments for the day since I skipped the gym for that day. Actually, my favorite class with Charles Jackson was full and I didn’t have time between work and the date to work out.

Ken and I split my mac and cheese and salad while he ate his rib sliders. I loved the idea of splitting because that way I could slide on the mac and cheese calories. However, I decided to order another glass of chardonnay, and then Ken suggested we both try Strawberry Mojitos. That’s drink #3 and I felt  horrible about not wanting to accept these drinks. Right before our 4th drink, he mentioned that he wanted to do something else, so we left for a hookah spot. Of course, he insisted that we get more drinks at the hookah spot. UGH, more drinks. I promise I don’t drink that much normally. We smoked hookah at a lounge and I ordered my favorite drink, Prosecco. I did a very smart thing and sipped on that one glass for two hours. I was done. Ken proceeded to order two Jack Daniels straight. Eventually he started to sweat a lot too. Hahaha.

Overall, the date with Ken was a good date and I noticed a lot of smiling from his end. If I’m going to continue to date, I’m going to have to figure out healthy options to eat and drink without seeming so focused on it. To go on a date and refuse to drink or eat certain things is very weird. I definitely don’t need any help on being weird, I just need dating to not make me gain more weight.