Rob & Chyna: But More So Rob


I’ve been watching the E! channel new show Rob & Chyna. A show that I never thought I would watch since I don’t like watching the Kardashian’s show.

The best thing about this show is the relationship between Rob and Chyna. There have only been two episodes but I’ve learned some things. Rob and Chyna do not have a great relationship… according to those 2 episodes. I’m sure they really do but these episodes have shown me that both of them are kind of regular. Not that I really expected them to be extra, but I expected more in a negative way.

Chyna often speaks on how the media portrays her as some ghetto money hungry stripper. Before this show, I wasn’t exactly a Chyna fan, of course because I only knew what the media put out about her. However after watching her, I think she’s a regular person with regular problems. Chyna is pregnant with her second child and her butt is multiplying (according to her). She does not feel as confident about her body at the moment. I feel that it’s normal for her to feel that way and very relatable.

Rob is hugely insecure about his body and it is affecting his relationship with Chyna. He is so afraid of leaving the house and having the paparazzi take photos of him. Really, he is so disgusted with himself that he can’t go out and just be normal. It’s actually sad. But really I understand him and what he’s going through.

There were definitely times where I felt the same way that Rob feels, when I was gaining weight. It’s hard, you lose your energy and your willingness to put in effort. The days just fly by because you are on autopilot. Somehow you have to get it back together and I’ve gotten mine back. I only hope that Rob can too. I was really shocked to see a man who has “everything” you think you want, just want to stay in the house because he’s depressed. Like what are you depressed for? You don’t work, have to worry about bills, and you can hire the top personal trainers/chefs to help you get back in shape. That’s what I thought initially. But in real life, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, people go through what they go through. I’m just happy I’m not hiding anymore.

Watch the show or don’t watch the show. I’ll watch it just to keep up with Rob’s depression and the idiotic things that Scott Disick says. FYI – Scott is actually the best “Kardashian” lol.

Until next time..

Tuesday Weigh Day


I weighed in this morning 1 pound less than I was last week for a total lost of 14 pounds. I can almost bet when I weigh in tomorrow morning, i’ll be at that 15 pound mark like I wanted to be today. In fact, when I randomly weighed myself Saturday morning, I was down 15 but you know weigh changes throughout the week based on multiple factors. I’ll just keep my Tuesday weigh ins for consistency.

Saying 14 or 15 pounds sounds great. I can’t wait to say “Hi I’m Krystal and I’m down 35, 40, 50, 60, etc”. Until then I’m trying to remember that it takes time to lose weight and that I’m strength training almost as hard as I’m doing cardio. Of course that means that I’m getting smaller but the scale may not show it just yet. I will start to record my measurements so I can see progress somewhere.

FYI: My girl friends have commented on how round my butt is getting. That makes me blush hahaha. I attribute it to those squats.


Next week’s goal = 2 pounds

A Last Weekend Photo

Total photo

Here’s a photo from last weekend of me and my girlfriends.

It was the birthday of J (white dress). I traveled far (it’s not that far) to Dobbs Ferry to have brunch with her, I do love my friends!

me and j

Brunch at Half Moon was great! The atmosphere was amazing and it’s right off the water. J is such an inspiration because she changed her life by losing about 40-50 pounds about 2 years ago or so. She is always encouraging me to continue my journey.

Although the first photo doesn’t have the best quality, I think I look so uncomfortable and I couldn’t remember how to stand to create more curves (I’m on the left hand side at the end). By the way, my dress was red and from Boohoo’s website.

It’s definitely a good picture to have as a before even though in this photo I’m still 11 pounds down from where I started. I definitely think 90-100 pounds are a good number for me to lose. It’s all coming from that middle!

All with time…