Tuesday Weigh Day


I weighed in this morning 1 pound less than I was last week for a total lost of 14 pounds. I can almost bet when I weigh in tomorrow morning, i’ll be at that 15 pound mark like I wanted to be today. In fact, when I randomly weighed myself Saturday morning, I was down 15 but you know weigh changes throughout the week based on multiple factors. I’ll just keep my Tuesday weigh ins for consistency.

Saying 14 or 15 pounds sounds great. I can’t wait to say “Hi I’m Krystal and I’m down 35, 40, 50, 60, etc”. Until then I’m trying to remember that it takes time to lose weight and that I’m strength training almost as hard as I’m doing cardio. Of course that means that I’m getting smaller but the scale may not show it just yet. I will start to record my measurements so I can see progress somewhere.

FYI: My girl friends have commented on how round my butt is getting. That makes me blush hahaha. I attribute it to those squats.


Next week’s goal = 2 pounds


Total Weight Goals



As of today these are my total weight goals, but I understand that they can change as time goes on.

I want to lose a total of 100 pounds. Sounds like a big number right? No, not really. I’ve done it before, maybe I can do it again?

Since I’m 11 down, that’s 89 more to go. With my estimations, I think I could do that by mid October 2016, if I decide to stick with 100. Sometimes my number goes down to a total of 80. I figure that If I lose 100, that will give me wiggle room if I gain back 15 or so. It happens.


I stand 5’9 tall and I enjoy having weight in my legs and booty. I do enjoy having muscular legs too. If I can get that booty to grow and sit up more, that would be great. I think I can pull off 100 pounds slowly especially if it’s coming from my tummy. Honestly, I’ll just be happy when I can fit into my size 10 pants again.

By New Years Day: Hope to lose 37 total

By mid March: Hope to lose 57 total

By my June birthday: Hope to lose 79 total – and I could stop there

I hope these goals sounds semi- realistic. They are mostly losing 1- 2 pounds a week with the exception of holidays when I know I will not be as fitness conscious.

Everything Else

A Last Weekend Photo

Total photo

Here’s a photo from last weekend of me and my girlfriends.

It was the birthday of J (white dress). I traveled far (it’s not that far) to Dobbs Ferry to have brunch with her, I do love my friends!

me and j

Brunch at Half Moon was great! The atmosphere was amazing and it’s right off the water. J is such an inspiration because she changed her life by losing about 40-50 pounds about 2 years ago or so. She is always encouraging me to continue my journey.

Although the first photo doesn’t have the best quality, I think I look so uncomfortable and I couldn’t remember how to stand to create more curves (I’m on the left hand side at the end). By the way, my dress was red and from Boohoo’s website.

It’s definitely a good picture to have as a before even though in this photo I’m still 11 pounds down from where I started. I definitely think 90-100 pounds are a good number for me to lose. It’s all coming from that middle!

All with time…



Tuesday Weigh In – Sept 1


Tuesdays are my weigh in days. It gives me one more day after the weekend to get my stuff together.

Today’s lost was -1 pounds or -1.2 if you want to be exact. That’s a total of 7 pounds in about 20-22 days or so. 

I feel okay about that. I feel like I could have done better. Specifically, I feel like I could have done better this week. Friday I had pizza (2 slices), wine (2 glasses), and I ditched working out that day. Sunday I went to brunch and had the most delicious Chicken Prego at Jack’s Wife Frieda in West Village. Yum. I could have done without the pizza. That’s the cause of only my -1 pound lost.

This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and such a huge weekend for drinks and BBQ. Since I’m not going home to see family, maybe I can dodge the BBQ and drinks.

Next Tuesday’s goal is to lose 2 pounds for a total of 9 pounds lost.


Fitness Kick

Every 4-6 months, I get on a fitness kick. That involves eating healthy and working out. The goal is to lose weight. It’s been very successful for me a few times. The first time was in 2010 when in a 3 month period I lost 30-35 pounds. That jump-started a whole new life for me with losing about 110 pounds. From there I worked out and shrank to my lowest weight. I was around 160-165, standing 5’9. Good Times! I wore little clothing but I still had the loose skin on my stomach, upper arms, and inner thigh.

I maintained for a few years until lower back surgery in 2012 slowed me down for another year or so. It’s such a cycle and such an early cycle for a 24 year old. I was able to get back into the groove in 2013 by losing some more weight after the surgery’s gain. Then again, I gained again after letting work become my priority.

It’s 2015 and I’ve started again. Yay! Finally, I feel like i’m ready to jump-start my fitness life again. I am currently down 6 pounds since two weeks with a goal of losing 80 pounds. That seems like such a big number but it’s not really. Let’s see how far I can get.