Best Spin Class Ever

I admit that I used to be slightly obsessed with Spin Class, which really made my legs slim down as much as those thick thighs could. My obsession began again this month. I’ve been taking as many as 7 classes a week. This week I’ve slowed down, maybe from exhaustion, to about 4.

My favorite Spin Class of all time goes to Charles Jackson at New York Sports Club. He teaches at Rockefeller Center on Mondays and Thursdays. That’s soo not enough for me. I need his class everyday!

He is always so full of energy and serious about attendance. I like that. He knows the regulars names and he takes the initiative to learn the newcomers names. The best parts of class are the workout and the music. I would say that Charles is in his late 30s or even early 40s by the music he plays. He plays r&b music from the 90s including Puff Daddy and Xscape. During the workout he plays newer music as well. My favorite is a mix version of Rihanna and Future “Love Song”. You can’t tell me anything during that song! Either way, his music is perfect for the workouts. He challenges me and motivates me to get this shit over with. I usually burn 500-550 in a 40-45 minute class. Those numbers are high when I usually burn 350-400 in other classes. I highly recommend Charles Jackson and his motivation speeches on a Monday or Thursday.

I only attend New York Sports Club classes but I have tried those trendy classes like Soul Cycle. I absolutely hated Soul Cycle. It’s too many glitz and glamour for no reason. I don’t want to rent your shoes either.