Hangry Krystal :(


Who says being hangry isn’t real? I am a firm believer of it. By the way, I love The Walking Dead, I’m so excited for the premiere!

In the last month and a half, almost 2 months, I’ve really been on my working out and eating healthy “thing” again. Moreso lately, I’ve been eating healthier than in the beginning of those 2 months. My cheat snack was jelly beans, I love those things… except for the black ones. But of course, I’ve been weening myself from them and other empty calorie snacks. I have been opting for pineapples, grapes or even snack size popcorn to help to curb my snack cravings. It’s been going well until yesterday…

I was at work and very hangry. I really wanted a cookie, that my boss had. I ate my cookie last week. These cookies are from Eleni’s bakery (Chelsea Market) and are iced sugar cookies made into cool designs. They were sent to us to show how cool they are and to encourage us to partner with them.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a sugar cookie in my entire life before but Eleni’s gave me life! My mind had it made up that I needed to eat that cookie. (1) It was the afternoon and my energy level/blood sugar was so low since I hadn’t eaten any bad sugars. (2) I just really wanted that cookie. I envisioned that my energy would immediately spike once I ate it. (3) My boss would now give me that cookie. My boss didn’t give me the cookie because she said she was helping me with my weight loss.

She was right, but after complaining for 30 minutes, my lovely awesome amazing boss gave me the cookie. She is really amazing though, even if she hadn’t given it to me. I opened the cookie’s wrapping and I ate 1/4 of the cookie and closed it back…

My energy levels did increase and I had quite a bit of energy after that! The point is, I was very hangry and moody because I did not have sugar. That’s crazy to me! To know that my mood is affected by certain foods. I’ve known it before but I never really paid attention to it until yesterday at work. I won’t go back to jelly beans officially but I’m definitely realizing how sugar is like a drug. There are numerous articles on how sugar affects your mood and is very addictive. Maybe I’ll read some..

This is also why I don’t go on juicing cleanses or detoxes. I’m too mean when I’m hungry. So from now on, I’ll have some backup sugar in a small doses so I won’t turn into a raging bitch.evil_smiley_face