New Editions To My Apartment

I just bought the best mirror that $80 could buy… at Target. This mirror is so cool and tall, at 68 inches. It’s exactly what I wanted! So.. since I am not moving to Brooklyn anytime soon, I decided to replace some things around my apartment. I am on a constant quest to make it roomier and better, just to really give me more of an “apartment” feel since it’s so tiny. My apartment is a tiny studio in Manhattan near east village, to be more specific. If you know anything about Manhattan and NYC, you know tiny spaces are the normal.

I had this mirror shipped by Target and I didn’t even know that it would be so beautiful and huge. The stock photo is kind of boring.

But in real like, it’s just so clean and sleek. I love it! Also, Ex-Factor put this mirror up completely on his own, I was no help. Good thing I had him!

I also bought a plastic dresser to fit some more clothes into. My problem is space but I’m going to throw out a smaller drawer and replace with this one. This will be my second one and definitely worth the money ($80).

I think the next thing on my list to figure out a better clothing storage system. I have two large shelfs available in the closet but I just can’t fit anything up there. It’s a hassle to have to climb up there daily. Maybe I will do those vacuum storage type clothing systems?


Make A Move?

I’ve been thinking more and more lately that I want to make a change. I want to move. I considered LA and Atlanta but I think Chicago is where I want to be. It’s a big city where I can still have a career in marketing. Although I absolutely LOVE New York, I have this perception that moving will solve all of my problems.

My problems are:

  • Too tiny apartments in NYC (I want an entire room of clothing/shoes)
  • Having to worry about dating a man who doesn’t want to move from NYC
  • Driving anywhere (I just want to drive to Walmart and the grocery store, really)
  • Having peace and quiet in the suburbs (not as important)
  • Being closer to my family in Michigan (I’m missing moments)

I’m hoping Chicago could solve those problems. I could have a larger place with a huge walk in closet and full kitchen with stainless steel appliances. I could even buy a house or a condo. I could date knowing Chicago is where I want to spend my life. I could drive wherever I wanted to go and I could even go see my parents in Michigan (4 hours away).

It’s been on my mind for a long long time and I think I have decided to move right before I turn 30 so basically I have two years to enjoy NYC and then I’m leaving. When I came to NYC 5 years ago, I was different than I am now. It was meant for me to come here, grow, fuck shit up, have fun, and then leave. I’ve done that. I can tell my time is coming to an end, I’m bored but I’m also interested to see if something/one can change my opinion. I do know that when it’s my time to go, I will cry until the end.

I’m almost sure about this… BUT then again, If I hate Chicago, I can just move to LA or back to NYC.