New Job


I recently began a new job at a top media company after leaving another company that was a leader in TV. It’s my 4th week here and I still think it’s the best decision that I have made professionally in a long time. While I truly miss the people that I worked with at the TV company, I definitely see myself stretching professionally. I use entirely different skills now, actually more analytical, technical, and critical thinking skills.

It is very scary leaving one place and going to another. I tend to feel like i’m alone when I go through things but then I talk to others and I feel a lot better. That’s exactly what I did. I knew I was taking this job but I enlisted the opinion of all key people in my life.

The people are incredible here just because they are not perfect, they are people who have lives and just so happen to work here as well. I love that. I used to think working was my entire life or was going to be my entire life. My sense of balance has just changed as I have more time for the gym, dating, traveling and just ME time. I still value my career very highly and I still value moving up the ladder but just more sensibly. I’ve spent most of my twenties in school and trying to figure out life. It’s nice to just relax and think about my future goals.

Back to work – I totally anticipate loving this job more and more as I gain more and more work. Right now I feel like a lost puppy trying to learn things but being painfully quiet.