Holiday Highlights

This past two weeks have been so busy for me. I’ve been working, going out with friends, dating again (although I was supposed to chill out), traveling, and trying to remember what day it actually is. It’s also been about 5 days since I worked out and my body is craving the gym and a sweat fest.

I had a Christmas exchange with my friends. These girls are really spectacular women. Here’s our pic from the 40/40 club.


OF COURSE, I saw Star Wars. I’m a big Star Wars fan so I thought this movie was great! And I’m awaiting the next one.


I flew home to Michigan. My mom said she wasn’t putting any ornaments on the tree so no one put any on. Christmas was a fabulous day! I really missed my family. Those 6 people are the most important people to me.


I babysat baby Madison. She was tired in this pic… tired of taking pics with Auntie KK probably.


I wore an ugly/cute Christmas sweater.


All in all, I had a wonderful holiday. What’s even better is the introduction of a new guy named Unc. One day it will make sense why I just called him that. Haha and no he’s not MY unc. Oh yeah and I got a FITBIT! #teamfitbit