Total Weight Goals



As of today these are my total weight goals, but I understand that they can change as time goes on.

I want to lose a total of 100 pounds. Sounds like a big number right? No, not really. I’ve done it before, maybe I can do it again?

Since I’m 11 down, that’s 89 more to go. With my estimations, I think I could do that by mid October 2016, if I decide to stick with 100. Sometimes my number goes down to a total of 80. I figure that If I lose 100, that will give me wiggle room if I gain back 15 or so. It happens.


I stand 5’9 tall and I enjoy having weight in my legs and booty. I do enjoy having muscular legs too. If I can get that booty to grow and sit up more, that would be great. I think I can pull off 100 pounds slowly especially if it’s coming from my tummy. Honestly, I’ll just be happy when I can fit into my size 10 pants again.

By New Years Day: Hope to lose 37 total

By mid March: Hope to lose 57 total

By my June birthday: Hope to lose 79 total – and I could stop there

I hope these goals sounds semi- realistic. They are mostly losing 1- 2 pounds a week with the exception of holidays when I know I will not be as fitness conscious.

Everything Else

A Last Weekend Photo

Total photo

Here’s a photo from last weekend of me and my girlfriends.

It was the birthday of J (white dress). I traveled far (it’s not that far) to Dobbs Ferry to have brunch with her, I do love my friends!

me and j

Brunch at Half Moon was great! The atmosphere was amazing and it’s right off the water. J is such an inspiration because she changed her life by losing about 40-50 pounds about 2 years ago or so. She is always encouraging me to continue my journey.

Although the first photo doesn’t have the best quality, I think I look so uncomfortable and I couldn’t remember how to stand to create more curves (I’m on the left hand side at the end). By the way, my dress was red and from Boohoo’s website.

It’s definitely a good picture to have as a before even though in this photo I’m still 11 pounds down from where I started. I definitely think 90-100 pounds are a good number for me to lose. It’s all coming from that middle!

All with time…