Lost Files: Labor Day In Michigan


I had the most fun in Michigan for Labor Day!

Being there reminded me how much I LOVE the midwest and Michigan. It’s just so… me. There’s just such a familiar feeling when I go there, a safe feeling. But then again I’m in “like” with New York and it pushes me to be better.

I went to the gym every day that I was home. The guys at the gym were just all tall and attractive. The men in NYC are really short and because I’m tall, we are always the same height.¬†Ex-Factor happens to be strangely tall but he’s an exception. I rarely find nice tall guys in NYC. Everyone in Michigan is just so tall!

As I was leaving on my flight to come back to NYC, my home for now, I was just so sad. I could see myself having a condo or townhouse and a cool car in Michigan; things that I can not have in NYC at the moment. However, I need to make a living and I can not do that sufficiently in Michigan. Which brings me to the fact that I need to open my own business in Detroit. It sounds far fetched, but why not try to try it. If I fail, oh well, I have experience, connections and a few degrees to fall back on. Most likely honestly, I would still work in NYC until I was able to get it together in Michigan. Why Detroit? The economy is building back up and it’s the hot spot for small businesses. What about money? I will not be starting a company unless I’ve gotten some type of seed competition money. If that never happens, then I probably won’t even attempt to do it. I have to be realistic and smart. So the next step is to get my business plan together. It could just be a cool attempt but at least I have to try or dream. I know there’s more out here for me but I don’t know what yet, clearly I have to try to figure it out.

I do know that I want to help people but I don’t know how to… yet.

My Thanksgiving Holiday

I had a great thanksgiving! Here are the highlights from my week:

My family and I are really funny people. We joke, laugh, and play games! We were playing monopoly below. It got to be a very intense game as players were holding onto property and leaving the game. Then we played Taboo and it was hilarious the pressure that you feel when it’s your turn.


I babysat a baby! Just not any baby but the newest baby to my God-Kids clan. She’s a beautiful baby and very good. I had such a lovely time with her. One day of babysitting, I totally understood mothers a little bit more. Everything is about the baby. I’m old enough now where I understand that and I appreciate that. However, I’m going to stick with getting a cat first.


I ate a Coney Dog from Coney Island. No not the Coney Island in NYC, in Michigan there are hundreds of food places called coney island and they have the infamous Coney Dog. AMAZING!!!


I spend time with my friends. I literally love my friends. I still love friends that I haven’t seen in years. It just feels so good to have that feeling of familiarity and trust. I wish I would have taken more photos.

friend 1 friend 2

Overall I had a lovely week with my family and friends. I’m seeing that nothing can beat that!

My Vision Board


The perks about belonging to a fabulous MeetUp group is having fabulous friends and creating fabulous vision boards. My fab friend Lisa set up a day at Michaels (arts & crafts) for us to create our own vision boards in their classrooms.

I did not take very long to figure out what I wanted to put on here but I promise that my next vision board will have deeper things on it. This board seems very shallow considering the biggest photos are of my dream body and closet. Ill explain the other things below:

  • Beach – Take a vacation every year or every other year
  • Be Heard – I think this was just a general saying that I like.
  • Know More – I love education, if there was something else I could do after an MBA I would. Taking classes in other skills or honing my own are the next best thing.
  • Kick It Up A Notch – There are definite times in my life when I’ve kicked it up a notch but this is not the time. I need to kick it up a notch again.
  • House – I love suburban life and I just have to have a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs.
  • Brownstone – Since I still live in New York City (anti suburban life), I want to live in a brownstone before I leave.
  • Closet – Basically… I live in such a small apartment that I eventually want a huge closet that’s the entire size of my current apartment. I want a couch and a jewelry counter too.
  • Long Hair Don’t Care – My natural hair journey leads me to believe that I can grow my hair waist length. I think I can do it.
  • Sex Meme – Do I have to explain?
  • Woman of the year/Entrepreneur/Money – Who doesn’t want to own their future? I would, I just don’t know how I’m going to do that.
  • Family – Having a good husband with 2.5 kids is definitely a goal of mine.
  • Gorgeous Bodies – Those women have thick thighs in common with me. I just need the tight tummy and perky boobs.
  • Be Happy In General – Probably the most important thing on the board, Just be happy.

Creating this was such a great exercise and I’ll keep it around until the New Year when I create another board.