This Week’s Diet Failure

Eatting good beyonce

I’ve already failed by calling it a diet when it’s not, it’s a lifestyle change. This week I really failed at my lifestyle change…

I really tried to relax on what I was eating however a few random events popped up. I went to an Empire Watch Party at someone’s house that included wine, cookies, dip, and pizza. I failed.

I went on a date, I failed with wine and pasta. Then Sunday, I was unexpectedly invited to brunch and dinner where I had a burger and fries without the bun and pad thai for dinner. FYI: I’m done with my pad thai addiction, I had the worst pad thai from some random place on the lower east side. It was horrible and I’m sure it was the universe’s way of saying you should stop eating pad thai altogether Krystal.

I realize that unexpected occurrences mess up my meal planning. Lesson learned, plan better for the unexpected and get back on the wagon.

Next week I’m going to win. Yippie!