I Made These: Choc Covered Strawberries

I’ve had such a huge crush on chocolate covered strawberries this month since I received a box from a crush. I decided to make my own. These definitely beat the $40 strawberries from edible arrangements, these cost me about $7 for the organic strawberries and the chocolate chips.


I’ll probably make more on the weekend and make them look better as well.

Dating Escapades of September

The dates that I been on lately, have been more like stunts and adventures…

Guy: JR

I went out on two dates with JR. The first date was a movie and I was about 10 minutes late. He was annoyed. Oh well, I did tell him I would be late because I was already busy with my girlfriends. By the end of the movie, he was so happy to be in my presence that he forgot he was mad.

Afterwards, we searched around looking for a bar to go to but couldn’t find one that wasn’t so loud. We found a lounge. I got the feeling that JR was a cheap guy, he didn’t want to pay $20 to get into a lounge. That definitely turned me off. Ugh I never did like JR that much. A day after the movie, he even told me that he missed me? Hmm okay sure.

The next date was to a restaurant but I was 30 minutes late. Okay… I was late because I had another date prior. Sorry JR. JR then took me to a movie and invited me over to his home to “chill”. I once asked JR, “what are you good at”? He replied, “bowling, pool, and sex”. Sorry JR I’m not coming to your house sir. That’s the end of JR and I. He’s weird and creepy. However, I do need to work on being on time.

*The most creepy part of JR is that he sent me photos of his body saying “just wanted you to think of me when you sleep”… creepy.

Guy: Key (I named him after Key & Peele)

Key and I met at a coffee shop to chat. His card was declined when he paid for the coffee. However he had cash. Now see, Key is so hilarious that the situation wasn’t as bad as you would think. I can understand your card being declined, maybe he has fraud on it. I had fraud on my card 3x in August. Actually 3 days later, he mentioned that he had dropped his wallet so all of his cards mixed together. Basically the card that used to pay for coffee was the wrong card. Thank God for cash and my patience.

We then crashed a community garden party with food and drinks. It was fun and I felt comfortable with Key. He’s cute and has a great personality. I mean he makes me laugh, that’s the key. I’m sure he will get a new debit card with a chip in it. I definitely don’t want to see his declined card again.

Guy: Jon

I’ve went on a date with Jon before and I wrote about it here. Jon is slowly leaving the picture. He doesn’t talk much or have great conversation. I’m a girl who needs conversation, I’m stimulated by that. So when you don’t know what to talk about, I’m disinterested. Adios Jon.