A Last Weekend Photo

Total photo

Here’s a photo from last weekend of me and my girlfriends.

It was the birthday of J (white dress). I traveled far (it’s not that far) to Dobbs Ferry to have brunch with her, I do love my friends!

me and j

Brunch at Half Moon was great! The atmosphere was amazing and it’s right off the water. J is such an inspiration because she changed her life by losing about 40-50 pounds about 2 years ago or so. She is always encouraging me to continue my journey.

Although the first photo doesn’t have the best quality, I think I look so uncomfortable and I couldn’t remember how to stand to create more curves (I’m on the left hand side at the end). By the way, my dress was red and from Boohoo’s website.

It’s definitely a good picture to have as a before even though in this photo I’m still 11 pounds down from where I started. I definitely think 90-100 pounds are a good number for me to lose. It’s all coming from that middle!

All with time…


OOTW: Outfit Of The Weekend

This past weekend was such a busy weekend. I saw “The Perfect Guy” twice. Don’t ask…

I went shopping with my friend to find her the perfect date outfit, worked out, went to brunch, and cleaned up the tons of clothing that I have.

The most important event was brunch because I dared to put on a crop top!

I credit my friend Jessica for encouraging me to buy the crop after I complained for the summer that I can never find one. I wore a cute hunter green crop top from Forever 21 (XL) and a button-down maxi skirt from Boohoo. It was effortless and I felt so chill. I do not usually wear cropped anything, but that day I didn’t care. Here’s a photo where I tried to fit the entire outfit in the photo. Next time I’ll use a proper selfie stick.

full body with crop top

Also, I got my nails done before brunching with such a handsome man, my ex. He’s sooo cute.