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Saturday Morning Breakfast 

I felt really domestic whipping up breakfast this morning. I cooked breakfast for a total of 441 calories. Let’s calculate that:

  • Bisquick reduced fat pancakes + egg & 1/4 cup of organic milk (117 cal per pancake) I only ended up eating 1
  • 3 slices of Bacon (105 calories)
  • Fat free cheddar cheese on bacon/grits (45 cal)
  • Fat free syrup (15 cal for 1/4 cup)
  • 2 egg whites  (34 cal)
  • Grits – I used half a serving of grits (75 cal)
  • Trop50 – not pictured (50 cal)

It was actually more fun cooking the breakfast than eating it. I usually only eat egg whites in the morning. The reason for all of this is because I start kickboxing class today. They WARNED me to eat a hearty breakfast and bring lots of water. I hope it’s not a crazy military camp but I will share the experience on my next post.


My Typical Breakfast



Typically for breakfast I eat the meal in the photo above everyday, minus the sliced bananas. I may eat sliced bananas or strawberries with my breakfast maybe once or twice a week.

As you know I’m not the best cook but I eat my food. I cook 5 large egg whites, 7g of bacon bits, and 21g of Mexican shredded cheese. It’s easy to cook and takes about 10 minutes or less to be perfect.

Calorie Count: 167 – 235 depending on if I increase the amount of cheese, bacon bits or add a yolk.

I really like eating this each day but of course I’m due for a change. Do you have any suggestions on what else I could make?