Holiday Highlights

This past two weeks have been so busy for me. I’ve been working, going out with friends, dating again (although I was supposed to chill out), traveling, and trying to remember what day it actually is. It’s also been about 5 days since I worked out and my body is craving the gym and a sweat fest.

I had a Christmas exchange with my friends. These girls are really spectacular women. Here’s our pic from the 40/40 club.


OF COURSE, I saw Star Wars. I’m a big Star Wars fan so I thought this movie was great! And I’m awaiting the next one.


I flew home to Michigan. My mom said she wasn’t putting any ornaments on the tree so no one put any on. Christmas was a fabulous day! I really missed my family. Those 6 people are the most important people to me.


I babysat baby Madison. She was tired in this pic… tired of taking pics with Auntie KK probably.


I wore an ugly/cute Christmas sweater.


All in all, I had a wonderful holiday. What’s even better is the introduction of a new guy named Unc. One day it will make sense why I just called him that. Haha and no he’s not MY unc. Oh yeah and I got a FITBIT! #teamfitbit

My Thanksgiving Holiday

I had a great thanksgiving! Here are the highlights from my week:

My family and I are really funny people. We joke, laugh, and play games! We were playing monopoly below. It got to be a very intense game as players were holding onto property and leaving the game. Then we played Taboo and it was hilarious the pressure that you feel when it’s your turn.


I babysat a baby! Just not any baby but the newest baby to my God-Kids clan. She’s a beautiful baby and very good. I had such a lovely time with her. One day of babysitting, I totally understood mothers a little bit more. Everything is about the baby. I’m old enough now where I understand that and I appreciate that. However, I’m going to stick with getting a cat first.


I ate a Coney Dog from Coney Island. No not the Coney Island in NYC, in Michigan there are hundreds of food places called coney island and they have the infamous Coney Dog. AMAZING!!!


I spend time with my friends. I literally love my friends. I still love friends that I haven’t seen in years. It just feels so good to have that feeling of familiarity and trust. I wish I would have taken more photos.

friend 1 friend 2

Overall I had a lovely week with my family and friends. I’m seeing that nothing can beat that!