Hangry Krystal :(


Who says being hangry isn’t real? I am a firm believer of it. By the way, I love The Walking Dead, I’m so excited for the premiere!

In the last month and a half, almost 2 months, I’ve really been on my working out and eating healthy “thing” again. Moreso lately, I’ve been eating healthier than in the beginning of those 2 months. My cheat snack was jelly beans, I love those things… except for the black ones. But of course, I’ve been weening myself from them and other empty calorie snacks. I have been opting for pineapples, grapes or even snack size popcorn to help to curb my snack cravings. It’s been going well until yesterday…

I was at work and very hangry. I really wanted a cookie, that my boss had. I ate my cookie last week. These cookies are from Eleni’s bakery (Chelsea Market) and are iced sugar cookies made into cool designs. They were sent to us to show how cool they are and to encourage us to partner with them.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a sugar cookie in my entire life before but Eleni’s gave me life! My mind had it made up that I needed to eat that cookie. (1) It was the afternoon and my energy level/blood sugar was so low since I hadn’t eaten any bad sugars. (2) I just really wanted that cookie. I envisioned that my energy would immediately spike once I ate it. (3) My boss would now give me that cookie. My boss didn’t give me the cookie because she said she was helping me with my weight loss.

She was right, but after complaining for 30 minutes, my lovely awesome amazing boss gave me the cookie. She is really amazing though, even if she hadn’t given it to me. I opened the cookie’s wrapping and I ate 1/4 of the cookie and closed it back…

My energy levels did increase and I had quite a bit of energy after that! The point is, I was very hangry and moody because I did not have sugar. That’s crazy to me! To know that my mood is affected by certain foods. I’ve known it before but I never really paid attention to it until yesterday at work. I won’t go back to jelly beans officially but I’m definitely realizing how sugar is like a drug. There are numerous articles on how sugar affects your mood and is very addictive. Maybe I’ll read some..

This is also why I don’t go on juicing cleanses or detoxes. I’m too mean when I’m hungry. So from now on, I’ll have some backup sugar in a small doses so I won’t turn into a raging bitch.evil_smiley_face


Fitbit vs. Polar FT4

not my wristThis is what my wrist looks like sometimes but of course my wrist is way darker.

I’ve had this Fitbit Charge HR for about 4 weeks and I’ve had my Polar FT4 for about 2 years now.

Fitbit is great if want to know how many hours  I sleep, my daily calorie burn, and my steps. However, I don’t really need to know those things but it is cool to know. The cons are that I hate wearing it on my arm all the time and it doesn’t work effectively for me when working out. As you can see above, the heart rate on the fitbit is usually off.

The Polar FT4 is great because I only use it when working out. It’s purpose for me is to only count the number of calories that I burn when active. The band that goes around your waist isn’t horrible but you should wash it every so often.

The Polar FT4 is the winner!

Eat Your Veggies Krystal

I should be very proud of myself.. in early December, I made 4 meals to freeze or eat for the next two weeks (i’m late posting). This has totally worked for me! I made:

-Turkey Chili

-Tacos (I can’t get away from these)

-Chicken, white rice and veggies

-Chicken Parmesan

It was almost two weeks later and I was just eating the chili. I ate the tacos up in the first few days as well as the chicken parm. I’ve been bringing the chicken, rice & veg or chili to lunch. This is a photo of one meal and then the end of the meal.

full food empty food

I noticed that I ate everything and then left the veggies to be eaten last. Apparently I still don’t really like vegetables but I force myself to eat them to make a balanced meal. I skipped all veggies when I was a child. I think my next step is to eat all veggies first and then enjoy the rest 🙂

Lesson: Meal preparing on a Sunday for a few meals is totally worth it! I save money and time on the week days. Except today, I ran out the house without my hearty chili!

Tuesday Weigh Day


I weighed in this morning 1 pound less than I was last week for a total lost of 14 pounds. I can almost bet when I weigh in tomorrow morning, i’ll be at that 15 pound mark like I wanted to be today. In fact, when I randomly weighed myself Saturday morning, I was down 15 but you know weigh changes throughout the week based on multiple factors. I’ll just keep my Tuesday weigh ins for consistency.

Saying 14 or 15 pounds sounds great. I can’t wait to say “Hi I’m Krystal and I’m down 35, 40, 50, 60, etc”. Until then I’m trying to remember that it takes time to lose weight and that I’m strength training almost as hard as I’m doing cardio. Of course that means that I’m getting smaller but the scale may not show it just yet. I will start to record my measurements so I can see progress somewhere.

FYI: My girl friends have commented on how round my butt is getting. That makes me blush hahaha. I attribute it to those squats.


Next week’s goal = 2 pounds

Wednesday Weigh In


Today’s weigh day showed that I’m down a total of 13 pounds which is 2 pounds from two weeks ago.

It will be two months on October 10th since I began working out and eating better. Each week I would say that my eating improves depending on what brunch my friends make me attend. As for working out, I hit 4,000 calories burned off for this past week. This upcoming week, I will only do 3,500. I am noticing that I can run longer and faster on the treadmill when doing HIIT. I am at a comfortable speed of 5.9-6.3 and double time at 6.8-7.0. In the beginning I used to run at 5.0-5.2 and think that it was hard.

This week I plan on making my own pizza and spaghetti squash pasta. I initially wanted to make cauliflower pizza but you know I don’t like cooking so regular dough will have to suffice.

This Week’s Diet Failure

Eatting good beyonce

I’ve already failed by calling it a diet when it’s not, it’s a lifestyle change. This week I really failed at my lifestyle change…

I really tried to relax on what I was eating however a few random events popped up. I went to an Empire Watch Party at someone’s house that included wine, cookies, dip, and pizza. I failed.

I went on a date, I failed with wine and pasta. Then Sunday, I was unexpectedly invited to brunch and dinner where I had a burger and fries without the bun and pad thai for dinner. FYI: I’m done with my pad thai addiction, I had the worst pad thai from some random place on the lower east side. It was horrible and I’m sure it was the universe’s way of saying you should stop eating pad thai altogether Krystal.

I realize that unexpected occurrences mess up my meal planning. Lesson learned, plan better for the unexpected and get back on the wagon.

Next week I’m going to win. Yippie!


Total Weight Goals



As of today these are my total weight goals, but I understand that they can change as time goes on.

I want to lose a total of 100 pounds. Sounds like a big number right? No, not really. I’ve done it before, maybe I can do it again?

Since I’m 11 down, that’s 89 more to go. With my estimations, I think I could do that by mid October 2016, if I decide to stick with 100. Sometimes my number goes down to a total of 80. I figure that If I lose 100, that will give me wiggle room if I gain back 15 or so. It happens.


I stand 5’9 tall and I enjoy having weight in my legs and booty. I do enjoy having muscular legs too. If I can get that booty to grow and sit up more, that would be great. I think I can pull off 100 pounds slowly especially if it’s coming from my tummy. Honestly, I’ll just be happy when I can fit into my size 10 pants again.

By New Years Day: Hope to lose 37 total

By mid March: Hope to lose 57 total

By my June birthday: Hope to lose 79 total – and I could stop there

I hope these goals sounds semi- realistic. They are mostly losing 1- 2 pounds a week with the exception of holidays when I know I will not be as fitness conscious.