Rob & Chyna: But More So Rob


I’ve been watching the E! channel new show Rob & Chyna. A show that I never thought I would watch since I don’t like watching the Kardashian’s show.

The best thing about this show is the relationship between Rob and Chyna. There have only been two episodes but I’ve learned some things. Rob and Chyna do not have a great relationship… according to those 2 episodes. I’m sure they really do but these episodes have shown me that both of them are kind of regular. Not that I really expected them to be extra, but I expected more in a negative way.

Chyna often speaks on how the media portrays her as some ghetto money hungry stripper. Before this show, I wasn’t exactly a Chyna fan, of course because I only knew what the media put out about her. However after watching her, I think she’s a regular person with regular problems. Chyna is pregnant with her second child and her butt is multiplying (according to her). She does not feel as confident about her body at the moment. I feel that it’s normal for her to feel that way and very relatable.

Rob is hugely insecure about his body and it is affecting his relationship with Chyna. He is so afraid of leaving the house and having the paparazzi take photos of him. Really, he is so disgusted with himself that he can’t go out and just be normal. It’s actually sad. But really I understand him and what he’s going through.

There were definitely times where I felt the same way that Rob feels, when I was gaining weight. It’s hard, you lose your energy and your willingness to put in effort. The days just fly by because you are on autopilot. Somehow you have to get it back together and I’ve gotten mine back. I only hope that Rob can too. I was really shocked to see a man who has “everything” you think you want, just want to stay in the house because he’s depressed. Like what are you depressed for? You don’t work, have to worry about bills, and you can hire the top personal trainers/chefs to help you get back in shape. That’s what I thought initially. But in real life, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, people go through what they go through. I’m just happy I’m not hiding anymore.

Watch the show or don’t watch the show. I’ll watch it just to keep up with Rob’s depression and the idiotic things that Scott Disick says. FYI – Scott is actually the best “Kardashian” lol.

Until next time..

New Editions To My Apartment

I just bought the best mirror that $80 could buy… at Target. This mirror is so cool and tall, at 68 inches. It’s exactly what I wanted! So.. since I am not moving to Brooklyn anytime soon, I decided to replace some things around my apartment. I am on a constant quest to make it roomier and better, just to really give me more of an “apartment” feel since it’s so tiny. My apartment is a tiny studio in Manhattan near east village, to be more specific. If you know anything about Manhattan and NYC, you know tiny spaces are the normal.

I had this mirror shipped by Target and I didn’t even know that it would be so beautiful and huge. The stock photo is kind of boring.

But in real like, it’s just so clean and sleek. I love it! Also, Ex-Factor put this mirror up completely on his own, I was no help. Good thing I had him!

I also bought a plastic dresser to fit some more clothes into. My problem is space but I’m going to throw out a smaller drawer and replace with this one. This will be my second one and definitely worth the money ($80).

I think the next thing on my list to figure out a better clothing storage system. I have two large shelfs available in the closet but I just can’t fit anything up there. It’s a hassle to have to climb up there daily. Maybe I will do those vacuum storage type clothing systems?


Sharing My Lunch

I just had to quickly share my lunch with you all.

I forgot my lunch at home and decided to order a salad. A simple caesar salad transformed into getting a taco salad. By that time, I added tortilla chips and black beans to be added on top of the low fat cheese, chicken and kale. It was definitely pass my usual lunch amount but well worth it! Soo good.


What I’ve Been Doing This Summer

This summer started out slightly boring but it’s shaping very nicely. I’m getting a hold on a lot of things lately.

Work – I have this new job and I’m enjoying it. The people and my boss are great! Soon we will be getting busier and I do like being busy more so than not having anything to do.

Workouts – I have a workout schedule down pat. I’m working out in the mornings at the gym in my apartment building but I now have to figure out how to utilize my New York Spots Club membership more. It’s too expensive for me to be paying yet I’m not going. My workouts are consistent now and it’s like second nature for me to wake up and workout now.

Vacation – I just got back from vacation, a cruise to be exact. I went to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk. It was amazing! Having that down time just helped me to become more upbeat and excited about the life that I currently have.

Men – Who, what, where? I’m still on a break.

Travel – I booked a trip for my 30th birthday next year. A few of my girlfriends and I are going to Negril Jamaica during Memorial Day 2017. I’m so ready to see the Island men. I do plan on going back and forth to Michigan for the holidays. Also, I’ll probably make my way to Atlanta for my best friends birthday in January too. I love to travel so maybe next August I’ll go back to Puerto Rico or go to Panama.

New Projects – I’ve been going back and forth on what my next mini passion project will be. I wanted to do YouTube but then I decided to start this blog. I needed an outlet and I needed a way to connect with people. I’m thinking this time I will start a podcast, talking about life things as I do on here, but including guests who have even better and outrageous stories too. Of course, those guests would be friends or friends of friends. That sounds better then YouTube for me, I don’t want to have to put on makeup all the time to record.

Since the Fall is coming and that’s my fav season, I’ll have to post an entirely new Fall Goals List. Hopefully, I complete everything this time around…

My Men?

It’s almost Fall and i’m very excited! Fall is such a sexy time of the year. I love to wear cute jackets, nice riding boots and leggings. That’s so me! Other than that, Fall is a great time to meet a guy! I’m looking forward to that.

So I don’t really have any men right now. I have stayed true to the fact that I’m not dating really. I’ll go out but I’m just not into it right now. However Ex-Factor is still alive… and in my life occasionally. We actually have been having very good interactions and have been very nice to one another. It’s really good when we are on the same level. That isn’t stopping me from dating at all though. It’s just me saying that I’m really enjoying Ex-Factor right now. The man is so sweet when he wants to be. Last weekend, he came to visit me when I got back from my AWESOME cruise (you will see a post very soon). He came to visit because he had bought me something. I’m shocked because it’s been a long time since he bought me something ‘just because’ other than food/drinks and gifts for holidays. He definitely feeds me, that’s always a plus. So at my house, he pulls these earrings from his pocket. I’m slightly … hmm i’m tipsy and I ask, “what is this”. He says nothing so I just open it to see what it is. It’s earrings. I WAS NOT expecting this man to buy me earrings. They are very cute. He said that they reminded him of me and I can definitely see why. That was also VERY sweet of him. I like the fact that he was out minding his own business and he thought of me. I like to think I’m special and he showed me that I was, that day. I do think of him a lot but we just are not going to be together unless I’m down with waiting until I’m 55 to get married. This will not be us, hahaha. Either way I’m thankful for what we share/d, just not the ridiculous times.. The End. old people getting married


Guy Update

These are always my favorite updates because they are so truthful and entertaining to write:

  • PHD – So there was a guy named PHD. We met two months ago at a party. He was tall, dark and handsome. He immediately came up to me, that’s what I love! He was very talkative (I love that too) but eventually he only talked about himself and his life. He was very gossipy about his friends and work buddies lives. I became frustrated with that.After a while, I learned more and more things about him. He worked two jobs… two low income jobs. His two jobs took up 12 hours of his day and he was only bringing in $2,400 monthly after taxes (he volunteered this info). It frustrated me more to figure out why would a person work two jobs and still bring in such a low income when they could just get one job paying an okay wage? It doesn’t apply to everyone but he had a bachelors degree, he could have at least been a manager at T-Mobile. It sounds mean for me to say that but I really mean that he could do better for himself yet he was letting crappy jobs take up 12 hrs a day. PHD said it was because he doesn’t like authority and he didn’t want to be on-call or have to supervise people. What that really sounds like is you are scared and you are happy being less than mediocre. It also seemed like he didn’t think he was a smart man. He used to make several references to me being the smart one.. That’s unattractive in a man; have confidence, have optimism, and have ambition!We chatted a lot, really. This man had no initiative.. no drive… no ambition. That is honestly the part that turned me off of him. I don’t care if you mop floors, just strive to be the best and do the best. Besides him having no ambition, he would randomly ask me if he could perform cunnilingus on me. Usually, I’m ecstatic about those types of things but in this case, it was creepy with him. I think he was accostomed to women having sex with him as soon as they met. Good Bye PHD.
  • Ex Factor – He’s alive… He’s been alive with me for a few weeks but now he’s going to be alive by himself for the rest of his life, away from me. Yes it’s a strange way to describe him and I, but I can’t even deal with discussing him without being incredibly bitter.
  • Guy From LI – There’s a cool guy from Long Island who works at the same place as PHD (lol) but he has an actual good job there. He was okay so far I guess. He isn’t conversational unless it’s talking about himself. All these men want to do is hear the sound of there own voices. I do like that Ex-factor isn’t like that! But then again I need Ex-factor away from me. Back to this guy, he picked me up for a date in his cool charger with tinted windows and racing stripes. He took me to a restaurant in Harlem for dinner and drinks. He was very quiet unless he’s talking and he said he doesn’t ask questions. Thank God the music was blasting at the restaurant and the food was enjoyable. I don’t know if I’ll see this guy again but it was nice to go out and have some fun.
  • John da Cheapo – John is of the Cheapos. John and I went on one date where we had great conversation. He looked nice except for the extra long sideburns that were plastered on his face. John and I chatted about a month on and off before going out. There were significant signs of his cheapness that I can remember now. He said, “we can’t get drinks in manhattan because those drinks are too high”. 200That was sign number one. Then about a few weeks later he asked me if I kept alcohol in my apartment because he knows that I don’t drink other than socially. I replied, “yeah sure I have wine or something”.Now fast forward to date night: Date night we get drinks and he made sure to pick a place that had a happy hour. I mean what do I care, I’m not the one paying. After having great convo, he offers to walk me home. Sure! He gets in front of my building and says that he has to go to the bathroom. Sure you do! I told him no he can’t use my bathroom. He begs and even pulls my arms to lead the way. I say no and tell him there’s a bar down the street that he can go to. He tells me okay but he thought that we could drink the wine that I had too. 200-2I almost choked on my spit and laughed. These men are crazy and will try to go as far without doing anything, if you let them. So of course John Da Cheapo of the Cheapos is gone but right before I dismissed him in a series of texts, I tried to find out the truth. He asked me how I was doing and then he said that his friend was taking him to a spot in Queens that had free entry. I was so tired of hearing about deals, cheap drinks, how he’s frugal, and free entry spots from him at that point. So I simply asked him why he was so cheap because at this moment, I don’t like you and I just want to know why you are so cheap. John didn’t offer any insight into why he’s so cheap but it was definitely a turn off. I’m sure I turned him off too by being irritated by the entire thing. John Da Cheapo is gone. Bye!

Good Job News


So this title speaks for itself. I have great job news.

I got a new job, one that I know I will definitely enjoy and challenge me. It’s back in the world of media so that’s extra exciting. Prior I was working in publishing and it was quite boring, hierarchical, and the people just sucked, honestly. That’s not for all publishing, not even the entire company, just a few meatball heads that I knew while there. I do firmly believe that everything happens for a reason at the exact time that it should happen. I’m glad I have this new opportunity and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Wish me luck!