So… I started a podcast

Well, finally.. I started a podcast.

I’m excited to have done that because I have been talking about it since earlier this year. The podcast is called Flyy Girl Chronicles and it’s really about stuff that matters to millennial women like dating, relationships, career talk, and other random things.

The purpose of this podcast is to be entertaining, have another outlet, and really have another fun hobby. My friends Ashley and Yvonne had taken the initiative to help me with it, support it, and be involved with biweekly recordings. I really appreciate them and their creative minds.

I only hopes it gets better since I am doing the recording and editing myself. It will be available on itunes in a few days (after their approval), but it’s available on this blog now and on Soundcloud as well.

I’ve posted our first episode prior to writing this post so I hope you enjoy!

Completing Commitments

September was such a good month for me. I am feeling much better. When I say feeling better, I mean that I’m feeling more calm and a sense of togetherness within myself. Most importantly, I’m completing my commitments. I’m not sure how long this good feeling is going to last but I’m enjoying it now.


I told myself that I would go back to Church instead of watching it from my bed on Sundays and I did. The Church that I like (in Brooklyn) takes me an hour to get to. All spring and summer, I just watched it from my bed. Recently, I went back to a live service and it was great. I think I can start to commit to every first Sunday and then more. I grew up in the Church, taught Sunday school and was at Church from 9am-2pm faithfully. That isn’t something I desire at the moment, so the current 11am-1pm service is perfect for me. Sometimes I fall off but it felt good to be back.


I told myself I would start volunteering more and I did. In reality, I LOVE to help people and I do so in my own way but I have not volunteered in the community since 2015. That is horrible for me, for someone who was always the community service chair in high school, college and every other organization. In September, I signed up to volunteer at St. Peter’s Pantry on a weekend. It was awesome! I was able to directly interact with the people in need. It felt great, I felt great, and it makes me want to do more. For now, I’ll be volunteering monthly there or another pantry. While I was there (volunteering with my friends) we met a volunteer named Mitchel, he was a regular there. In fact he’s probably a regular at every NYC pantry haha. He really loves the community and he shows it. He’s very inspiring in that way. I look at him and want to help out as much as he does. I feel like I need a Twin to help with balancing work, my organization Flyy Girls NYC, a social life, working out everyday, dating, traveling, doing my hair and having some me time. Since I don’t have a twin, I’m going to have to use my time more wisely.

The point is – I’ve been planning things and I’m actually completing them. No to mention…but to mention…I’ve planned on working out everyday and I have been. Every morning I get up and workout. It’s apart of my daily routine now, and I’m okay with that time spent.

I hope to continue this good feeling into October and after. Next time I have to actually bring to life is my podcast, don’t worry I’ll update you.

Lost Files: Labor Day In Michigan


I had the most fun in Michigan for Labor Day!

Being there reminded me how much I LOVE the midwest and Michigan. It’s just so… me. There’s just such a familiar feeling when I go there, a safe feeling. But then again I’m in “like” with New York and it pushes me to be better.

I went to the gym every day that I was home. The guys at the gym were just all tall and attractive. The men in NYC are really short and because I’m tall, we are always the same height. Ex-Factor happens to be strangely tall but he’s an exception. I rarely find nice tall guys in NYC. Everyone in Michigan is just so tall!

As I was leaving on my flight to come back to NYC, my home for now, I was just so sad. I could see myself having a condo or townhouse and a cool car in Michigan; things that I can not have in NYC at the moment. However, I need to make a living and I can not do that sufficiently in Michigan. Which brings me to the fact that I need to open my own business in Detroit. It sounds far fetched, but why not try to try it. If I fail, oh well, I have experience, connections and a few degrees to fall back on. Most likely honestly, I would still work in NYC until I was able to get it together in Michigan. Why Detroit? The economy is building back up and it’s the hot spot for small businesses. What about money? I will not be starting a company unless I’ve gotten some type of seed competition money. If that never happens, then I probably won’t even attempt to do it. I have to be realistic and smart. So the next step is to get my business plan together. It could just be a cool attempt but at least I have to try or dream. I know there’s more out here for me but I don’t know what yet, clearly I have to try to figure it out.

I do know that I want to help people but I don’t know how to… yet.

Rob & Chyna: But More So Rob


I’ve been watching the E! channel new show Rob & Chyna. A show that I never thought I would watch since I don’t like watching the Kardashian’s show.

The best thing about this show is the relationship between Rob and Chyna. There have only been two episodes but I’ve learned some things. Rob and Chyna do not have a great relationship… according to those 2 episodes. I’m sure they really do but these episodes have shown me that both of them are kind of regular. Not that I really expected them to be extra, but I expected more in a negative way.

Chyna often speaks on how the media portrays her as some ghetto money hungry stripper. Before this show, I wasn’t exactly a Chyna fan, of course because I only knew what the media put out about her. However after watching her, I think she’s a regular person with regular problems. Chyna is pregnant with her second child and her butt is multiplying (according to her). She does not feel as confident about her body at the moment. I feel that it’s normal for her to feel that way and very relatable.

Rob is hugely insecure about his body and it is affecting his relationship with Chyna. He is so afraid of leaving the house and having the paparazzi take photos of him. Really, he is so disgusted with himself that he can’t go out and just be normal. It’s actually sad. But really I understand him and what he’s going through.

There were definitely times where I felt the same way that Rob feels, when I was gaining weight. It’s hard, you lose your energy and your willingness to put in effort. The days just fly by because you are on autopilot. Somehow you have to get it back together and I’ve gotten mine back. I only hope that Rob can too. I was really shocked to see a man who has “everything” you think you want, just want to stay in the house because he’s depressed. Like what are you depressed for? You don’t work, have to worry about bills, and you can hire the top personal trainers/chefs to help you get back in shape. That’s what I thought initially. But in real life, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, people go through what they go through. I’m just happy I’m not hiding anymore.

Watch the show or don’t watch the show. I’ll watch it just to keep up with Rob’s depression and the idiotic things that Scott Disick says. FYI – Scott is actually the best “Kardashian” lol.

Until next time..

Hangry Krystal :(


Who says being hangry isn’t real? I am a firm believer of it. By the way, I love The Walking Dead, I’m so excited for the premiere!

In the last month and a half, almost 2 months, I’ve really been on my working out and eating healthy “thing” again. Moreso lately, I’ve been eating healthier than in the beginning of those 2 months. My cheat snack was jelly beans, I love those things… except for the black ones. But of course, I’ve been weening myself from them and other empty calorie snacks. I have been opting for pineapples, grapes or even snack size popcorn to help to curb my snack cravings. It’s been going well until yesterday…

I was at work and very hangry. I really wanted a cookie, that my boss had. I ate my cookie last week. These cookies are from Eleni’s bakery (Chelsea Market) and are iced sugar cookies made into cool designs. They were sent to us to show how cool they are and to encourage us to partner with them.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a sugar cookie in my entire life before but Eleni’s gave me life! My mind had it made up that I needed to eat that cookie. (1) It was the afternoon and my energy level/blood sugar was so low since I hadn’t eaten any bad sugars. (2) I just really wanted that cookie. I envisioned that my energy would immediately spike once I ate it. (3) My boss would now give me that cookie. My boss didn’t give me the cookie because she said she was helping me with my weight loss.

She was right, but after complaining for 30 minutes, my lovely awesome amazing boss gave me the cookie. She is really amazing though, even if she hadn’t given it to me. I opened the cookie’s wrapping and I ate 1/4 of the cookie and closed it back…

My energy levels did increase and I had quite a bit of energy after that! The point is, I was very hangry and moody because I did not have sugar. That’s crazy to me! To know that my mood is affected by certain foods. I’ve known it before but I never really paid attention to it until yesterday at work. I won’t go back to jelly beans officially but I’m definitely realizing how sugar is like a drug. There are numerous articles on how sugar affects your mood and is very addictive. Maybe I’ll read some..

This is also why I don’t go on juicing cleanses or detoxes. I’m too mean when I’m hungry. So from now on, I’ll have some backup sugar in a small doses so I won’t turn into a raging bitch.evil_smiley_face


The Best Cruise Ever!

So a few weeks ago I went on a cruise with my family. My sister, my brother in-law, and my nephew – to be exact. Also, my brother in-law’s family was there too. They are very cool people. It was a Caribbean cruise through Carnival going to Grand Turk, Puerto Rico, St Thomas and Dominican Republic. I love cruises and this one was great, let me tell you all about it!

I left from the JFK airport on the same day that there was “gun shots” ringing there. Of course, there was no shots. I flew into Fort Lauderdale and then got on the boat seamlessly. I was ecstatic to see my family since I only see them on special occasions. I also toured around the ship and checked out the gym. I knew that that’s where I would be spending a lot of time at. It was okay but it could have been a lot better.

Our first stop was Grand Turk – the place was hot! I only explored the port because we got out there too late to go further. From the ship, it didn’t look too fancy and because I didn’t explore, it’s not my favorite place.

The next stop was Puerto Rico – OMG, Amo a Puerto Rico! San Juan is so cute and normal. I enjoyed Puerto Rico a lot. I had $3 shots from the bar, it’s amazing haha. Really, I like PR, the vibe was great. I could see myself visiting often or living there. It’s just my type of place but I would like to see more of the papis next time. The food is amazing of course, I had queso frito for the first time too. My nephew was the best photographer too! I included a photo of my sister and her hubby.

standing by the tree





St Thomas was next – St. Thomas is where my nephew (who’s 18) and I went to the beach, ate, had fun, and almost died. We visited Magan’s beach where the water is amazingly clear. I love feeling the fish on my toes. However, the ride to the beach was the most scariest thing i’ve experienced this year. They put 12-15 people in the back of a truck with no door and windows. Okay cool, but then you are going up and down the heels of St. Thomas where driving laws kind of don’t matter. Turning corners are hard and running into other cars around those corners happen often. I was praying to get to the beach safely because I had never experienced anything like that before. Once I got to the beach, I was happy! At the beach, I bought my nephew a Rum Punch as his first ever alcoholic drink. He couldn’t drink it all but he tried, it was too cute. We even met 4 other people; two mothers and their two 17 year old kids. Since we met them, we stuck together. We left to go shopping in the area in the same truck. This time I wasn’t as afraid just because I had a Rum Punch so I was peachy. We ate at a place called Gladys. OMG the food was amazing. We had oxtails, mac, rice, peas, and conch fritters. YUM! St. Thomas was great and I would definitely go back. Look at the color that I got from being the sun all day! I’m toasty brown.



Lastly was Dominican Republic – We went to Puerto Plata from the Amber Cove port. DR was okay, I wouldn’t go back to that area. It was about 100 degrees there! BUT the food was amazing! It was my first time having mofongo!

How I felt – I felt relaxed and I forgot about all of my problems. I was carefree and I really enjoyed how that felt. I need to go on vacation more or at least go to the beach more often. I worked out everyday, actually twice a day and I ended up losing 2 pounds. You know how people eat everything on cruises? Yeah I ate everything but I made better choices – I ate a lot of pineapple, salads everyday, and egg-white omelets. I didn’t drink as much as I could have but nowadays I’m not really a drinker any more. All in all, I have a fantastic time with my family!