Completing Commitments

September was such a good month for me. I am feeling much better. When I say feeling better, I mean that I’m feeling more calm and a sense of togetherness within myself. Most importantly, I’m completing my commitments. I’m not sure how long this good feeling is going to last but I’m enjoying it now.


I told myself that I would go back to Church instead of watching it from my bed on Sundays and I did. The Church that I like (in Brooklyn) takes me an hour to get to. All spring and summer, I just watched it from my bed. Recently, I went back to a live service and it was great. I think I can start to commit to every first Sunday and then more. I grew up in the Church, taught Sunday school and was at Church from 9am-2pm faithfully. That isn’t something I desire at the moment, so the current 11am-1pm service is perfect for me. Sometimes I fall off but it felt good to be back.


I told myself I would start volunteering more and I did. In reality, I LOVE to help people and I do so in my own way but I have not volunteered in the community since 2015. That is horrible for me, for someone who was always the community service chair in high school, college and every other organization. In September, I signed up to volunteer at St. Peter’s Pantry on a weekend. It was awesome! I was able to directly interact with the people in need. It felt great, I felt great, and it makes me want to do more. For now, I’ll be volunteering monthly there or another pantry. While I was there (volunteering with my friends) we met a volunteer named Mitchel, he was a regular there. In fact he’s probably a regular at every NYC pantry haha. He really loves the community and he shows it. He’s very inspiring in that way. I look at him and want to help out as much as he does. I feel like I need a Twin to help with balancing work, my organization Flyy Girls NYC, a social life, working out everyday, dating, traveling, doing my hair and having some me time. Since I don’t have a twin, I’m going to have to use my time more wisely.

The point is – I’ve been planning things and I’m actually completing them. No to mention…but to mention…I’ve planned on working out everyday and I have been. Every morning I get up and workout. It’s apart of my daily routine now, and I’m okay with that time spent.

I hope to continue this good feeling into October and after. Next time I have to actually bring to life is my podcast, don’t worry I’ll update you.

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