The Best Cruise Ever!

So a few weeks ago I went on a cruise with my family. My sister, my brother in-law, and my nephew – to be exact. Also, my brother in-law’s family was there too. They are very cool people. It was a Caribbean cruise through Carnival going to Grand Turk, Puerto Rico, St Thomas and Dominican Republic. I love cruises and this one was great, let me tell you all about it!

I left from the JFK airport on the same day that there was “gun shots” ringing there. Of course, there was no shots. I flew into Fort Lauderdale and then got on the boat seamlessly. I was ecstatic to see my family since I only see them on special occasions. I also toured around the ship and checked out the gym. I knew that that’s where I would be spending a lot of time at. It was okay but it could have been a lot better.

Our first stop was Grand Turk – the place was hot! I only explored the port because we got out there too late to go further. From the ship, it didn’t look too fancy and because I didn’t explore, it’s not my favorite place.

The next stop was Puerto Rico – OMG, Amo a Puerto Rico! San Juan is so cute and normal. I enjoyed Puerto Rico a lot. I had $3 shots from the bar, it’s amazing haha. Really, I like PR, the vibe was great. I could see myself visiting often or living there. It’s just my type of place but I would like to see more of the papis next time. The food is amazing of course, I had queso frito for the first time too. My nephew was the best photographer too! I included a photo of my sister and her hubby.

standing by the tree





St Thomas was next – St. Thomas is where my nephew (who’s 18) and I went to the beach, ate, had fun, and almost died. We visited Magan’s beach where the water is amazingly clear. I love feeling the fish on my toes. However, the ride to the beach was the most scariest thing i’ve experienced this year. They put 12-15 people in the back of a truck with no door and windows. Okay cool, but then you are going up and down the heels of St. Thomas where driving laws kind of don’t matter. Turning corners are hard and running into other cars around those corners happen often. I was praying to get to the beach safely because I had never experienced anything like that before. Once I got to the beach, I was happy! At the beach, I bought my nephew a Rum Punch as his first ever alcoholic drink. He couldn’t drink it all but he tried, it was too cute. We even met 4 other people; two mothers and their two 17 year old kids. Since we met them, we stuck together. We left to go shopping in the area in the same truck. This time I wasn’t as afraid just because I had a Rum Punch so I was peachy. We ate at a place called Gladys. OMG the food was amazing. We had oxtails, mac, rice, peas, and conch fritters. YUM! St. Thomas was great and I would definitely go back. Look at the color that I got from being the sun all day! I’m toasty brown.



Lastly was Dominican Republic – We went to Puerto Plata from the Amber Cove port. DR was okay, I wouldn’t go back to that area. It was about 100 degrees there! BUT the food was amazing! It was my first time having mofongo!

How I felt – I felt relaxed and I forgot about all of my problems. I was carefree and I really enjoyed how that felt. I need to go on vacation more or at least go to the beach more often. I worked out everyday, actually twice a day and I ended up losing 2 pounds. You know how people eat everything on cruises? Yeah I ate everything but I made better choices – I ate a lot of pineapple, salads everyday, and egg-white omelets. I didn’t drink as much as I could have but nowadays I’m not really a drinker any more. All in all, I have a fantastic time with my family!


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