What I’ve Been Doing This Summer

This summer started out slightly boring but it’s shaping very nicely. I’m getting a hold on a lot of things lately.

Work – I have this new job and I’m enjoying it. The people and my boss are great! Soon we will be getting busier and I do like being busy more so than not having anything to do.

Workouts – I have a workout schedule down pat. I’m working out in the mornings at the gym in my apartment building but I now have to figure out how to utilize my New York Spots Club membership more. It’s too expensive for me to be paying yet I’m not going. My workouts are consistent now and it’s like second nature for me to wake up and workout now.

Vacation – I just got back from vacation, a cruise to be exact. I went to St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Grand Turk. It was amazing! Having that down time just helped me to become more upbeat and excited about the life that I currently have.

Men – Who, what, where? I’m still on a break.

Travel – I booked a trip for my 30th birthday next year. A few of my girlfriends and I are going to Negril Jamaica during Memorial Day 2017. I’m so ready to see the Island men. I do plan on going back and forth to Michigan for the holidays. Also, I’ll probably make my way to Atlanta for my best friends birthday in January too. I love to travel so maybe next August I’ll go back to Puerto Rico or go to Panama.

New Projects – I’ve been going back and forth on what my next mini passion project will be. I wanted to do YouTube but then I decided to start this blog. I needed an outlet and I needed a way to connect with people. I’m thinking this time I will start a podcast, talking about life things as I do on here, but including guests who have even better and outrageous stories too. Of course, those guests would be friends or friends of friends. That sounds better then YouTube for me, I don’t want to have to put on makeup all the time to record.

Since the Fall is coming and that’s my fav season, I’ll have to post an entirely new Fall Goals List. Hopefully, I complete everything this time around…

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