My Men?

It’s almost Fall and i’m very excited! Fall is such a sexy time of the year. I love to wear cute jackets, nice riding boots and leggings. That’s so me! Other than that, Fall is a great time to meet a guy! I’m looking forward to that.

So I don’t really have any men right now. I have stayed true to the fact that I’m not dating really. I’ll go out but I’m just not into it right now. However Ex-Factor is still alive… and in my life occasionally. We actually have been having very good interactions and have been very nice to one another. It’s really good when we are on the same level. That isn’t stopping me from dating at all though. It’s just me saying that I’m really enjoying Ex-Factor right now. The man is so sweet when he wants to be. Last weekend, he came to visit me when I got back from my AWESOME cruise (you will see a post very soon). He came to visit because he had bought me something. I’m shocked because it’s been a long time since he bought me something ‘just because’ other than food/drinks and gifts for holidays. He definitely feeds me, that’s always a plus. So at my house, he pulls these earrings from his pocket. I’m slightly … hmm i’m tipsy and I ask, “what is this”. He says nothing so I just open it to see what it is. It’s earrings. I WAS NOT expecting this man to buy me earrings. They are very cute. He said that they reminded him of me and I can definitely see why. That was also VERY sweet of him. I like the fact that he was out minding his own business and he thought of me. I like to think I’m special and he showed me that I was, that day. I do think of him a lot but we just are not going to be together unless I’m down with waiting until I’m 55 to get married. This will not be us, hahaha. Either way I’m thankful for what we share/d, just not the ridiculous times.. The End. old people getting married


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