I’m Done Dating, Really!

I’m done… finito… I QUIT DATING. 


If you’re my friend, you know those are sad words to hear me say. Friends are always encouraging me to date, be open, and see what’s out there. The truth is there is nothing out there (in the dating sphere) and after a year of proactively dating again, I’ve had enough ridiculous stupid stories to fill this blog up with but none that I care to remember. None that leave me with a good taste in my mouth. In fact, dating has turned me off and is making me slight… bitter. I’m not even 30 yet, I am definitely not trying to be bitter already. Maybe I’m just tired, maybe I just need a break? First of all, I need to boot Ex-Factor out completely. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter because even before he was back, I still didn’t have anything going on. The truth of the matter is that it is just not my time to find anybody worth anything.

Let’s state some personal facts here – I’m black, I live in New York City, and I want a particular guy. Being black is important because there’s a LOT of people in NYC but there’s not some infinite amount of black people, it’s like sprinkles of people that run in the same crew. Being black in NYC means you know all of the eligible people yet no one is settling down because it’s so much freaking fun to party, be out, and mess around. It’s just not the settling down place, not at least until you’re over 40. The particular man I’m looking for needs to have a career, be at least taller than I am at 5’9, can drive a car, not be a creep/whore/cheater, not have kids, and eventually could move out of NYC. I hate NYC about 80% of the time nowadays, I’m ready to go but I now have this new awesome job so I can’t. Any who, is that too much to ask for? That’s just bare minimum, I think. That’s literally just a simple list that I just made up although I know list don’t really matter with love but that’s my starting point.

Back to the point – I’m done with dating… for now. 

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