VCA – Very Cool Article

While on Facebook one day, I ran into this article on’s FB page. This article described a young woman who worked in a corporate job setting and then left that job to follow her passion of being a cycling instructor. Why did I like this article so much? I liked the article because it was yet another example of following your passion and doing what makes you happy despite the money.

Articles like this give me hope that one day I could do the same. This new job that I just started is awesome and I hope to be there for a few years. However, there’s just always been an entrepreneur spark inside of me, it’s so appealing. I’m just not able to do that right now living in NYC and having sallie mae on my behind. But one day, I definitely hope to have my own company one day. I’m just not sure how and what exactly, I’m still waiting for that inspiration.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 1.12.26 PM

Other cool articles that have inspired me lately:

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