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I’ve chilled out on dating for a while but now I’m ramping up to get back in the game. I’ve been back on some websites. By no means, are these my favorites but they do the job. Well actually tinder is my favorite. I love that two people have to match up to even send a message but I hate when I get guys who want sexual relations. No thank you. This is not where I’m coming to find the male genitalia. I would think that I would just go to a bar for that hahaha, right? Any-who, Tinder is cool. I am on Plenty of Fish too but I rarely respond to messages. I like to see who’s contacting me and what I am attracting in the world.

I took a chance last weekend and gave this sexy guy from POF my number when he asked. First-off I don’t give out my number until there has been constant back and forth communication for a while. Then I only give my google voice number. Then if it’s good texting and talking, I would meet up with them but that’s at least a month or a few weeks of work. But this guy, I decided to take a chance, because I was feeling dumb and risky. That’s a horrible combination honestly. I gave this guy my number. He texted me and asked me to FaceTime him. Guy, I am making breakfast at 9am in the morning and I just finished a hearty workout! I don’t want to FaceTime you. But I did, after I cleaned up my face and ate.

I dialed his number thinking I was going to get a sexy brown-skinned bearded handsome man but the man who answered the FaceTime was quite the opposite. His beard was not neat, in fact it was very homeless like. He was driving and Face-timing me too which is dumb. He started talking and asking me questions about myself immediately and told me that he doesn’t read profiles, he just looks at photos. That just brings me back to how people can hide anything in a book because (some) black people don’t read. Ugh. Maybe that was harsh but dude I took the time to write, so you should read because you could miss important info. What if I said I had a penis? Internet world – I do not have a penis. But what if I did and I wrote that, this dude would be talking to a penis holding cute girl and not know it, dummy. Then he proceeded to say, “no I’m not cutting my beard so don’t ask. All girls ask me that.” Then he leans to the left to look for passing cars and I notice a tattoo on the side of his face. If you ask me, I would say it was tear drops from the people he has killed but really it was just some dumb tattoo of who’s know what on the right side of his face. It really could have been tear drops. He was just too ghetto for me. Like what? A tat on your face? No thank you and your attitude is too macho. It was weird. After a while of him talking and calling me pretty, he said that he would call me back after he went to T-mobile to change his plan from the $40 plan to the $60 plan.


Hmm at this point, the only person that I could blame was myself. I risked my number and my 10 minutes on the phone with him. I did this to myself. Of course he called me back and I accidentally answered and said I’ll talk to him later. I have not answered a text or call since. However Thursday I did respond back and say it was nice chatting but I’m not interested. I mean I just can’t run around town with a man who has a tattoo on his face. Call me picky but damn a tattoo on the face though? He’s not even a wealthy rapper, just a $40 T-mobile having dude from Florida who lives in New Jersey. Low key, I wish my phone plan was that cheap but I have Verizon.

Lesson learned!

NEW YORK - JUNE 03: Rapper Game attends 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors at Hammerstein Ballroom on June 3, 2010 in New York, New York. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)




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