Today Was A Good Day!

Today was a good day (in my Ice Cube voice)!

I just had a lovely day today. A good day for me is usually when I plan things and they all go as planned but today was the opposite. I actually got up, planned to work off 1,000 (like I did the previous day), work on a project for my old boss, prepare for an interview, go to the interview, and then meet up with a friend for drinks. It didn’t go as planned exactly.

I woke up in the morning and cooked a lovely breakfast of 5 egg whites with 3 pieces of bacon. Once I’m out of bacon, I will stop eating it. Then I worked out and only sweated off 300 calories. I had to stop because I had a phone interview for job in California however she forgot about the timing so we rescheduled. That fucked up my workout because I had already left the gym with an abnormally low amount of worked off calories.

I went home to work on the project and prepare for my interview. It took a few hours to do that and then I went to the interview. The interview was great! Did I mention that I hate my job? That’s something new to learn about me and I’ll even put up a post of that later. I never really have said that but this time I can feel it deep down in my soul. I need to go! Plus, I hear layoffs are coming, I will glad to have that happen to me.

After my interview I stopped by Jack’s 99cent store to buy some baking sheets. While I’m walking down the street, the lady who rescheduled the interview called me. It was so hard to hear her walking down loud NYC streets. Plus, my iPhone speaker blew so I could barely hear her. After that, Stephon (my previous boss) invited me to an industry event. This event was a Q&A for the guy on “Chasing Destiny” with Kelly Rowland. This guy:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.01.23 PM

This guy, Frank Gatson, was such a character. He said some outrageously funny and vulgar things about life in general but some things that he said stuck to me. Loosely, he said that we shouldn’t be scared of failure, being judged, or having people tell you no. He said that the only thing you should really be afraid of is dying. As simple as that sounds and as crazy as he was, he’s damn right! I am constantly worried about failing, being judged, and not living up some standard but really it’s only me who’s doing the judging. He also mentioned that he knew that Beyoncé was the best because she was fearless and she had that IT factor. Maybe I can work on being fearless, and trying to have that IT factor.


Now that we are done with my realization moments… After the Q&A , my friends and I went to Tonic East to chat, eat food and have drinks. Mind you, the Q&A had an open bar with free food too. We ate way too much… Any-who, my day was great because I just noticed that my energy is fed from the people around me and doing the things that make me happy. All around, my day was filled with free alcohol and it was great!

Thanks for reading!

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