February Goals!

Last week I went to dinner with my friends. Even though they were hella late, they had good conversation when they arrived. My friend Jess reminded me of my monthly goals that I did months ago, so here’s February;

  • Weight – I’ve lost about 5 pounds in the last two weeks. In Feb, I want to lose 10 pounds.
  • Hair – Wash and condition my hair every week, I’ve been so “on it” except for lately I have been so lazy. I will definitely deep condition Friday. Also, I bought a blow dryer extension bonnet thing from Amazon, that will help me get flexi rod curls. My goal is to try that in Feb.
  • Stop Being Lazy – I’m not lazy that I’m not active because you know I hit the gym 5-6 days a week. However, getting out of bed to go out and have fun has been few and far between, all I want to do is watch Law and Order in my bed. When this “faux winter” is over, I’ll be out.
  • Brazilian Wax – My Groupon for a Brazilian wax is about to expire. I don’t particularly enjoy a woman ripping hair from my … but I need to use my Groupon. It’s like my scared to go back lol.
  • Plan Trips – Feb, I need to plan all my 2016 trips whether they are national or international. On my list: The Hamptons, DC x2, Seattle, Michigan x3, Philly, & Puerto Rico/Greece (if it’s up to Jess)
  • OH, eat better – Above you saw I said I workout 5-6 days a week but it’s the eating part that’s tricky. Really in the last two weeks, it’s been cleaner eating hence the pounds lost.  If I can continue this path, I think I will complete the goals. Guilty Pleasure- So I ordered thin mint cookies in support of my past as a Girl Scout LOL, But when these are eaten, I will not get more. Yum. Wait in fact, I didn’t workout much last week due to some pulling a muscle in my back.
  • Youtube Show – Working on this show idea with a friend of mine. It’s really a slow process right now.
  • Dating – Yeah I’m done dating for now. .. . .. .. .
  • Being more connected to my job –  That’s it, just being more connected.

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