You Got Hoes Krystal

I decided to go out with Roz again…

We met up at Spice restaurant to eat Thai food. He dressed very nice but he had these huge headphones with him. He should leave those at home next time. I could tell that he wanted to talk to me about us dating. He mentioned something like that, previously in text but I don’t think I’m interested. At dinner he wanted to know more about my life and what I do for a living. I actually enjoyed chatting with him but I didn’t feel the need to open up to him about who I am. The bill came and I was anxious to see if his card would be declined (haha), of course it was not. He asked me to pick the next place for our adventure and I picked a hookah lounge (that I usually pick on first dates). We went to the lounge but couldn’t get in because he had a hat on. They wouldn’t even allow him to take the hat off. What an establishment!

We then, just walked down the street. I was in mid-sentence calling Roz “boo” when I turned to my right and saw Ex-factor standing there. I never shut up so fast in my life LOL. Suddenly Roz disappeared in my mind and there was only me and Ex-factor. Ex-factor looked so good in his all black. This man is so fine to me and probably most of the population of women. He’s 6’4, brown-skinned, slender and big Will Smith dumb ears. Ex and I chatted but I really wanted to know why the hell he was in my neighborhood because we had agreed each other’s area was off limits. And I also wanted to know was he with a chick. Ex was by himself. After we talked, I realized that Roz was there again and I should introduce them (I should not have) so I said “Fuckboy meet fuckboy jr, alright”. Okay, I used their nicknames instead of fuckboy. Ex factor says, “I’ll hit you up later”. I paused and continued to walk with Roz who was laughing out loud.

Of course I soon got a text from Ex that said:

We will discuss this later

Really what are we discussing? In real life, there’s nothing to discuss because we aren’t together. However in the land of crazy people, we needed to discuss how I was fake cheating on him and having a life outside of his bullshit. That’s where it gets weird for me, how dare you not do what you should have been doing and then be mad when I go get a life and date? If he was with me instead of hiding in dark shadows of Manhattan then this wouldn’t be a problem.


Our texting continued throughout the night and into the next morning. I even tried to talk him into coming over later so we could talk about what he said we needed to discuss. That was done purposely to let him know that of course I wouldn’t be going home with Roz. Wait, before I can even get to our texts, I alert you all that Roz had an entire condoms in his pocket. I suppose Roz is very confident but an entire box in your pocket sir? No thank you.

So Ex-factor and I texted with the gist of the conversation being that I was “caught”.  In his mind, I’m sure it made sense. I can really tell that Ex-factor was extremely mad at me. I was really mad at Ex-factor most of our relationship so I can totally understand. But I don’t understand why he doesn’t just step up if he doesn’t want someone else to have me. Oh well his fault.

His last words to me were, “You don’t need me. You got hoes, Krystal :)”.

Son of a b… really?

It’s interesting that someone who didn’t treat you right, doesn’t like when someone else tries to. Granted, I do not want Roz but Ex-factor doesn’t need to know that. In reality, I do not need Ex-factor and I won’t be communicating with him anymore. I think I have learned my lesson about back-tracking but I DON’T have hoes.

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