January Dating Update

OMG I just realized that I haven’t updated you all on my dating since crazy brother Malcolm.

  •  Roz
    • Roz and I met in early December. We went on a date to a movie. Roz bought the tickets to the movie without telling me where we were meeting. Roz is taller than I am with heels on and he’s attractive. The movie was so packed (opening night) that we opted to see the following movie time which started an hour later. By this time I am so hungry. Roz why are you not feeding me? Eventually Roz is hungry too and says we will get food afterwards. However before the movie started, I had to listen to Roz talk about the universe, how intelligence should be classified in societies and other crazy man topics. Roz seemed a little off but entertaining. When the movie started he also talked during the movie a few times. Don’t talk when the movie is on especially if you have a deep sexy voice. Everyone can hear you!
    • After the movie (1:30am) we went to union square to get pizza because I learned that he was a vegetarian and couldn’t eat at five guys… I don’t think I want to date vegetarians. While eating pizza Roz’s card was declined but I grabbed my pizza and sat down. I let him figure it out, it was none of my business although I was prepared to pay. I’m sure he had it somewhere. Roz works in IT, so I hope he gets a paycheck. He sat down after paying and said “I don’t know what happened there”. I ignored it and just started to talk about the movie. Beyond his weird conversation and declined card, it wasn’t horrible. There was a lot of random chemistry between us, he did hold me to keep me warm while waiting for my cab. Then he also asked if he could come home with me… of course I said no. I have no idea what guys are thinking these days.
  • X-factor
    • He still hovers over my life. He’s the best damn hover-er in the history of ex boyfriends. To be continued…

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