Eat Your Veggies Krystal

I should be very proud of myself.. in early December, I made 4 meals to freeze or eat for the next two weeks (i’m late posting). This has totally worked for me! I made:

-Turkey Chili

-Tacos (I can’t get away from these)

-Chicken, white rice and veggies

-Chicken Parmesan

It was almost two weeks later and I was just eating the chili. I ate the tacos up in the first few days as well as the chicken parm. I’ve been bringing the chicken, rice & veg or chili to lunch. This is a photo of one meal and then the end of the meal.

full food empty food

I noticed that I ate everything and then left the veggies to be eaten last. Apparently I still don’t really like vegetables but I force myself to eat them to make a balanced meal. I skipped all veggies when I was a child. I think my next step is to eat all veggies first and then enjoy the rest 🙂

Lesson: Meal preparing on a Sunday for a few meals is totally worth it! I save money and time on the week days. Except today, I ran out the house without my hearty chili!

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