7 Good Things That Happened To Me In 2015

2015 was a good year! Really every year that I am alive and well is a good year. Here are 7 good things that happened in 2015. 

  1. I got a new job – I accepted an opportunity that benefited me better professionally and I wasn’t so afraid to take it. I learned so many professional things this year and how to put yourself first.
  2. God-Baby Madison was born – I saw my bestie turn into a better woman and love her baby unconditionally. It’s just awesome to see how people change or grow up when they have kids. One day I’ll grow up too when I have mine lol. 1545994_10101261528508951_6482797289691301856_n
  3. I started dating again – Yeah I totally talk crap about dating but it’s something I haven’t done in 2-3 years because I wasn’t ready. This year was definitely the beginning of the bullshit for me lol. That’s what life is about right, finding someone? Let’s see what 2016 has to offer. 200-2
  4. I started trying to get my fitness in order again – To be continued in 2016 – LOL 200
  5. I realized the great friends and family that I need in my life – Having a bunch of friends can make you think everybody is “for” you but they are not. This year I recognized more of who is rooting for me and who isn’t.
  6. I started taking my natural hair journey more seriously. After having to cut off inches because of split and dry ends, I learned my lesson (I  promise Vicky lol). Vicky, my stylist, is showing me better ways to keep my length and keep my hair moisturized. Thank her when my hair is butt length.
  7. On top of everything I got to know myself better. It’s good to have time for myself now. I notice all of my emotions and I do what I want to do. I’m just overall more in tune with who I am.

2016, I need to figure out how I’m going to get where I want to be.

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