Bye Bye Brother Malcolm

So by the title, you should be able to tell that I’ve told Brother Malcolm goodbye…

Maybe I wanted to start 2016 fresh or maybe I was just tired of wasting my time but he’s gone. I am actually getting rid of everyone who shouldn’t be around as well. Ex-boyfriend is gone, I was wayyyy too tired of that as well but I’m sure he will pop back up to say “hi” in a few months. There’s really no one on my radar but there could be…

What happened with Brother Malcolm?

We were supposed to go out a while ago but I decided that I’m wasting my time literally by listening to his long drawn out conversations and by attempting to date him. He’s too old, he has so many mental and family issues, and I have way much more value than he does. His pros were his nice car, 6’4 height, and perfect smile. I can admit that going out with him was a way to see what I don’t want in dating and provided me with fun stories to write about/laugh about later on.

On the day that we were supposed to go out I told him that I lost my license, which was true. However I had only lost my license for about 10 minutes at a bar. Actually, I think my friends and I were too ridiculous to remember that I gave my ID to the waitress to hold on the bill. LOL. Anywho, in that 10 minutes, he made plans. So I said okay… I also said it was fun while it lasted (basically ending it). He replied back saying he’d wasted his time and I backed out on him. I replied that he backed out on me in 10 minutes of a lost license scenario and I told him good luck on his search. He had quite an attitude about all of that. I’m thinking that this man has got to be crazy but I held my composure and just said “stop texting me please”. NOW, there were many things that I could say to cut into his manhood BUT I didn’t. If I had been mean that would insist that I cared or ‘wanted to win’. When in fact, I wanted to stop chatting with him initially.

That’s the end of BM.

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