Things I’m Excited For In 2016

I’m super excited about this upcoming new year. It’s always a new year new you feeling. I love it! It’s like starting over.

  • Moving – No No, Not moving out of NYC but I’m moving. I’m super excited to move to Brooklyn. I have the best opportunity to move to Brooklyn and have a place to park my car. It’s literally like a dream that came true. While I was worrying about men and having a big place out of NYC, I was super blessed with something here. Maybe I should be here? Maybe that will put enlighten my happiness? I know just thinking about it, makes me feel wonderful, it actually excites me more than a man does. I think I’m super excited to host things and have people over. I’m so people orientated that I  love entertaining at home. It’s just so cool!
  • Traveling – I’m planning a birthday trip. I’m not sure where I want to go yet but I need to go somewhere for like 8 days. Any recommendations?
  • Fitness – I need to succeed like I have in the past and lose the amount that I want to. I’m super excited for what the future could bring if I stay consistent and focused.
  • Friendships – I’m excited to continue the friendships that I have in NYC and work on the ones that I’ve always had back home in Michigan.
  • Love – Even after all of the weird and unlucky dates, I am excited about dating someone this year. I’m optimistic about it and I’m ready for it. This could be a good love year!
  • Job – I’m hoping to know way more than I know now at my job. I feel like I’m a step behind just because this process is new to me. Apparently, everyone here felt that way at one point. I’m hoping that I will be settled sometime next year and can contribute a lot more to my team. I’m also excited to get more money.
  • My birthday/Partying – I’m excited to be in my late 20’s. It’s much more sexier and rich than being 21 but it’s way lamer too. I’m excited to get out and party in 2016. I need to reclaim my sexy and ‘get low’ on the ‘flo’ again.
  • The Weather – I am not a fan of freezing weather or rain. I’m excited for Spring and Fall. I love sweater weather and light jacket weather.
  • Trying New Things – I need to try Yoga. I feel like yoga is a bit boring honestly, but it looks so cool. I need to try it. I need to try other types of food as well. Anything else I should try?

One thought on “Things I’m Excited For In 2016

  1. Suggestions for your birthday trip. Why don’t me and you collaborate? I was planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas for my birthday trip, do you want to make it a joint effort? If you do text me and we can discuss it further.

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