Goals Prior to 2016

Since I’m having trouble with my goals lately, here’s another list that I’ll try to achieve before the new year. FYI I’m very excited to write out my 2016 goals (in another post).

  • Dating – The goal is to slow down on dating. I’m exhausted with dating the wrong guys.  I DO NOT want to meet anyone new currently.
  • Fitness – I’ve been failing at working out and healthy eating in the last month. It’s been more of a “on this week and off this weekend” type of deal. I did weigh myself and  I wasn’t so bad so that made me happy. It is time to get back into the groove and leave the temptations alone. The holidays make me feel so scattered because I’m in and out of town or always going to dinners/brunch. I suppose those are excuses.. yes they are… okay okay I ordered healthy groceries and I’m back on it. Really, the goal is to lose 6 pounds before the New Year. 
  • Gifts – I’m not buying myself a gift for Christmas. I buy myself things all the time which is the problem… The goal is to not buy myself anything at all.
  • PlannerWriting in my planner more is the goal. I bought the cutest little cheetah planner from Momagenda. I LIVE out of planners but sometimes I have a hard time remembering to go back and check on my responsibilities. Like I wish I had an assistant instead of a paper planner but it’s sooo cute. planner
  • Hobbies – I feel like i have a million hobbies but none of them are giving me the feeling and inspiration that I want to have. My newest hobby could or could not work out but it will be hella fun. My friend and I are going to try our hands at starting a simple Youtube talk show. We like to talk and we like Youtube. Let’s see if we are actually good at it.
  • Re-evaluating my Life Goals – I think I’m in that period of life where I’m trying to decide what to do next. Believe me, I’ve done some incredible stuff and had bunches of fun. I need my next thing to be the thing that inspires me and drives me into a better person. I’m just not finding that with what I’m doing now. Actually my life is pretty calm right now so I’m totally enjoying this peaceful time. Enjoying this time but trying to figure out which door to open next is the goal.

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