Movie Alert: Creed (Was Great)


I saw the movie creed this weekend. It was so good. I actually haven’t seen much Marketing on the movie but it was fantastic! It was a cute movie with Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, and Tessa Thompson. I love Michael and Tessa! Sylvester brought authenticity to the movie, it was great!

I did notice that I love nice arms on a man. Damn! My face was pretty much like this every time I saw his body. thirsy

While googling photos, I saw these and now I’m such a MBJ fan. Yum!

mbj mbj2

OK I’m done being a creep. Have a good day haha.

One thought on “Movie Alert: Creed (Was Great)

  1. Yeah that was a good movie. At first it didn’t look interesting but after seeing it I do concur that it was a great movie. Michael B. Jordan is a great actor. His career looks promising. From Frutvale Station I became a fan of his.

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