November Dating Updates

November has failed with dating again. Here’s why:

Brother Malcolm: So I went on another date with BM just to entertain myself. We went to grab food at a Mexican restaurant. I loved the restaurant. Since this was a while back, I remember that I drank a pitcher of watermelon margarita on my own. He suggested we try watermelon margaritas… Of course he didn’t drink much because he talked the entire time, while I fantasized about my nachos. Of course I found out that he was married a second time BUT I think he was married at the same time to those women…. I’m just not sure. I asked but I never received a real answer. It kinda freaked me out that he wants me to be the third wife… He also mentioned meeting my family one day. Ummm can I have another pitcher of alcohol? drumk So I drank my pitcher of margarita and was wasted. We were supposed to go bowling but I asked him to take me home. I mean I was wasted, I had  to go. I couldn’t hold any balls at that point in the night. 

Ken: I met a man named Ken this month. I would say that he was such a pleasure to get to know. We had things in common, he was funny, and understood my personality… in the time that I knew him. I suppose he didn’t understand my values because I received a text from his wife. Hmm his WIFE? WTF? shockedYES, Ken is a liar and a cheater. He has a wife that is obsessed with him and she was very nice to me. She was almost too calm like she does this all the time. I feel sorry for her a little bit but NOT THAT MUCH. She keeps allowing this fool back and she lives with him. Girl leave him! I’m glad I was saved before I liked him too much. He has her on no social media and she has him all over hers. This is what I found out AFTER she texted me. They have been together for 10 years. This man must be the world’s best cheater because we talked a lot at all times, and face-timed, so I’m trying to understand where does she be at? I don’t know but I told her “good luck with him”.

Z: You remember Z? He was the one who was ready for commitment? Well he dumped me. LOL When I say dumped, I mean he’s not talking to me anymore. He was mad that I would never call him on the phone. Yeah… so I never called him on the phone because  I was done with him a while ago. He was so needy, I like to be the needy one…kellyI think I needed him to dump me because previously he was crying that I dumped him. Boy go ahead and dump me, so you can win. I don’t need some scorned man making voodoo dolls of me because they are hurt. Good Bye!

Ex-Factor: He still hovers around but I do think he is gone. I haven’t contacted him and he hasn’t contacted me. He needs to move to Russia so I won’t think about him and won’t run into him.

Phillly: Let’s talk about this random guy named Philly. He messaged me on Thanksgiving and asked me to Face-time with his family because they think he’s weird because he never bring anyone home… 200

You want me to what? LOL, it made me laugh. No I didn’t do it but thanks for asking Philly.

What I learned: I’m so damn tired of these random guys popping in and out. Like, walk right past me with that BS. But who’s next tho? 🙂


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