I Straightened My Hair!

So why is straightening my hair important?

It’s important because I never do it anymore. In the last 2.5 years, I’ve prob used my flat iron about 5 times. I’ve been enjoying the natural state of my hair more and more. Finally I’m figuring out how to do it. Believe the beginning was hard and not cute!

In the world of black women and beauty, the hair is such an important thing. Although I stopped perming my hair when I was 17, I was still straightening it and getting heat damage. I find it more easy to take care of natural hair and feel pretty at the same time. It’s coming along now. However this weekend I had significant progress. I went to a friend to have my hair done and she’s so great at what she does. I literally waiting months until I went back to Michigan just so she could do my hair. She dyed it brown and cut my ends. She knows her craft but I was a stubborn mule when it became cutting time! I was so serious about my hair being sooo short. I’m mentally damaged from previous hairdressers who cut too much off. But Vicky, was amazing and handled me correctly. Check out the before the cut and after the cut. I love the after cut photo, my ends look so much healthier. FYI this style will only last me a week if I go to the gym…

image4 IMG_6481

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