Dating Update

I have still been dating although I recently vowed to chill out for a while. Here’s an update:

  • I’m going out with Brother Malcolm again, lol. Our dates are wayyy interesting.
  • My girl friend suggested that I try She actually almost forced me to. I tried a 7 day trial and I deactivated it today. The theory is that there are better men on Match… I met a guy named Ty. Ty is much more hood than I like my men. In fact, I don’t like hood men, what does that even mean really? Ty just doesn’t value the same things that I do however Ty has a nice car. A nice car that could have driven me around in the winter. Where are my priorities? Ty and I did have conversation for a day on the phone. Ty is gone. I’m way too fancy and (faux) bourgeoisie for Ty, probably.
  • I went out with an older man. He’s 40. It’s a great experiment to see how young vs. older compare. I can tell you now that I wish that young men were as caring and open as old men are. Haha okay 40 isn’t old. My sister and brother are around that age. It’s just 12-13 years older than me. I’m not sure that I want someone that older. I want to experience the same things at the same time as the person I’m with. This man has already been married and divorced, no kids. He’s lived for 40 years already. He’s a really nice and “good” man. I think he will be a great guy for some other girl. Also, when I’m around him I don’t talk a lot. He likes to talk and he claims I’m a great listener. In reality, I LOVE to talk so I know if i’m quiet around you, I don’t like you that much.
  • I recently got back in contact with a guy I never wrote about because I actually liked him. Let’s call him Z. He makes me think I’m afraid of commitment. He didn’t say it… but he’s so solid and ready…. I’m the flighty person between the two of us (feel free to comment on why i’m so flighty with him). I actually ran away from him weeks ago because I was freaked out. Now he actually wants me to let the other guys go… hmm it’s hard to let the Ex-factor guy go.

To be continued…


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