How I did on October Goals

It’s already the first week of November so it’s fitting for me to post how I did on my October goals. If you want to stop reading now, I’ll tell you that I didn’t do well and now I will just make end of the year goals.

  • A Waist Cincher
    • I bought one and I like it. I’m not training, I only wear when a dress calls for it.
  • Dating Break
    • I’ve done the opposite and went through dating boot-camp.
  • Cooking More
    • I totally made chocolate covered strawberries, homemade pizza, and regular meals but nothing outside of the box. I just didn’t feel like doing anything with cauliflower.
  • Kickboxing
    • I went to one class and it kicked me ass. I like it but my schedule has kept me from it.
  • Shopping
    • I returned my Halloween outfits before Halloween and just wore a mask. I also bought about 6 sweaters so I failed on slowing the shopping down.
  • Giving Up My Ex
    • I failed at this too. LOL
  • Letting Down My Hair
    • I never straightened my hair but I had made an appt to dye it.
  • Study Sessions
    • Failed.
  • Clean
    • Failed on cleaning the fridge however I did donate old clothes.

Sharing my failures with whoever stumbles upon my blogs helps me to become accountable for the success and failures. Thanks!

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