A Date with Brother Malcolm

I thought hard about what to title this post…

This week I went on a date with a Muslim man. A man deep in the Nation of Islam. DEEEEEEEP. I’m Christian and I’m sure i’m marrying a Christian man but it’s no harm in dating who I want. I respect all religions thus far.

Let’s call this man, Brother Malcolm.

We met up in west village to go to a coffee shop. He was dressed up with a red tie, dress shoes and jeans. He is very handsome but he was carrying a bag/purse. This is a replica of the bag. lol. I asked what was it, was it shaving stuff? I’m so in my 20’s lol. He’s in his late 30’s. He said it was just stuff haha. shavingLater on in the night I learned it was a rag to dry his bald head when he takes off his fedora… And his wallet and who knows what else… He is a nice guy, really. While at the coffee shop, we chatted but he did most of the talking. I feel like I went through a crash course on the Nation of Islam. I just listened to him for like 2 hours and I realized that I was being punished for all of the bad eating that I did this week and the drink I was drinking. He just talked and talked. He mentioned that he divorced his ex wife 3 times, doesn’t speak to his family and changed his name to a Muslim name and can’t reveal his initial name. Sidenote: I recently learned that I can’t control my facial expressions. cube

What? ok. I’m being punished for the truffle pizza slide, I know it! I listened to Brother Malcolm for another hour talk about kids not being allowed in the parents bedroom, being a vegan, and how he was saved by the Nation. At this point, i’m on like my 4th drink and ready to touch his bald head. I supposed I would have listened to anything at 4 drinks. At about 11pm, I suggested we go to the second place he had in mind. The second place was a pool hall, thank God, no more talking. We also ran into a guy from my hometown city. Brother Malcolm shook his hand then explained to me later that he doesn’t shake hands. He can’t touch other women’s hands, only mine…. Then we played a game of pool that ended at 1:30am on a Tuesday. I won, of course. Brother Malcolm then drive me home so I could sleep for work the next morning.

It was easy to be around him. I like Brother Malcolm but he talks a LOT. He definitely has a past like most people. I don’t mind him living with Muslim rules. That doesn’t bother me, the thing that bothers me the most is the vegan situation, what am I going to eat when I’m with him?

At this point, I’m not sure what i’m doing with dating. I’m just living and going out.


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