They Told Me No.. At First

Something just ran across my mind today. I have yet to do a job update but I will soon.

I had been tracking this company for such a long time and I really wanted to work there. I had applied for a job at my current company but it was located in Connecticut. I was very close to getting the job until I sat down with the division’s president. He was such a nice man but he told me that I was a bright girl with a blooming future and this position wasn’t good enough for me. He told me that I should stay in the city and that he would recommend me for a position in the city (NYC) where I currently live. For some reason I appreciated his words.

He was true to his word and recommended me for another position near my home. I spoke with the recruiting person and she was quite… what’s the opposite of nice? … lol.. She was definitely not nice. I went through my great experience and my goals with her. She replied by saying “our managers are analytical, I just don’t see it with you”. Then it was over as quickly as it started.

I almost gave up with the company but I’m glad I didn’t. In fact, another recruiter reached out to me for a different position. This recruiter was basically was just as easy going and hard-working as I was. We just clicked. I type all that to say that I’m currently in an analytical marketing manager role doing the things that the other recruiter said I couldn’t do.

It’s very interesting when people say what you can and can’t do. I suppose it’s up to you to determine if you believe that or not. I’ll have to work on not believing those people, honestly sometimes I do, but my greatest moments were when I relied on my own strengths and forgotten their negativity.

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