Men Are Crazier Than Women Nowadays

I feel like I’ve always had a “come to me, crazy men” target on my back. I don’t have the time to discuss all the crazies but specifically there are 2 crazies that I would like to discuss: Sexual Chocolate and Two-Tone.


You may remember Sexual Chocolate (SC) as being the young man who’s card was declined but turned out to be not as broke as I thought. Well let’s reverse that, I currently think he’s crazy and broke. Nowadays, you never know what you are getting yourself into until you are into it. Basically, Sexual Chocolate wanted to force me into doing some thing that I didn’t sign up for. Let’s just say SC expected too much and made up things in his mind, like he was the catch. He even said “I’m an engineer and I close million dollar deals, my comprehension is great!” I told him he didn’t comprehend women well. My thoughts of SC are that he needs to be more ambitious and not live with his granny. I can’t trust you if you say you close big deals but your card was declined and you live with you grandma. Just doesn’t add up, loser. He should be happy he’s cute.

Two-tone got his name because (as my friend Jess says) he has a two-toned penis… How do I know that? I received a photo. Okay I’ll start over. SO, I received an anonymous text on Thursday afternoon while at work. The text said “hey”. Not knowing who this person was, I said, “who is this”. The person replied, “your cuddle buddy for the winter”. (Loser). Then he send a photo..a photo of his thing, his penis, his two-toned dick. Um Ew! I didn’t ask for this. I told him I would block him. Of course I was going to after I sent it to my two closest friends for laughs. I still don’t know the guy. Basically, he said that I ignored his texts and offers for dates. Um, I didn’t because we had never talked. But the truth eventually was, he was another guy I was texting, he just got another phone and texted me. Haha it made me laugh because I had just talked to him on Tuesday. It’s Thursday now. Chill! So I think the guy is crazy because after I figured it out and told him he was disgusting, it was like he liked me more. I decided to act a bit crazy since I saw he was already crazy. I even told him his man-pole wasn’t even all that. Our whole conversation led me to see that this man is nuts. He’s nuts but he’s super cute, has a career and believes in higher education. Let’s see…

I learned a lot between these two crazies! I learned that women aren’t the crazy people anymore. It’s the men; they are crazy and willing to do anything for attention.

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