About Last Weekend

This past weekend I went to kickboxing, happy hour, a girls night, and went to Brookfield place.


Brookfield Place is a new structure in downtown Manhattan. It’s beautiful and my job is actually moving into that building soon. They have a variety of shops and places to eat inside as well. I tried a place called Skinny Pizza. This place actually cured my craving for healthier pizza. It was so tasty and each slice is about 184 calories.


Kickboxing was soo intense. I went to I Love Kickboxing in the Chelsea area. The photo above is exactly how the class is. The first 15 minutes are hardcore and more like crossfit. I loved it but I hated it at the same time. Then after the “warm up”, we actually boxed with boxing gloves. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that gloves are so sweaty! Ew. All in all, I loved the class and I burned 600 calories.


After I laid in bed for hours hurting from kickboxing, I went to girls night in Brooklyn. It was fantastic and my friend Lisa is quite the host with tiny pot pies, cupcakes, baked ziti, and spiced tea.


Sleeping my way almost through Sunday, I managed to get up to go to happy hour to celebrate my friend Shannon’s birthday. I also enjoyed wearing an off the shoulder shirt. I love shoulders!

Well, that was my weekend!

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