Things To Try In October


I’m a list person and often make goals lists in order to control my creativity. I’ve made a list for the things that I want to try/do in October:

  • A Waist Cincher
    • I don’t think I really want to waist train but wearing it under a tight fitting dress is always nice. Additionally, I think they may be more of a benefit to wear while I workout in order to reduce stress on my back. It’s really about my back first and then creating curves.
  • Dating Break
    • It’s been almost two months and I need a dating break already. Men are so crazy and they don’t make them like they used to. It’s gonna be a cold winter!
  • Cooking More
    • It’s already out of my comfort zone but I want to cook more meals that I have never tired to cook before. I’m trying to make pizza this weekend. I will also try spaghetti squash pasta, chocolate covered strawberries, shrimp and grits and cauliflower pizza.
  • Kickboxing
    • I used to be a huge fan of kickboxing but as I gained weight, I stopped. Now I’m back and I guess I don’t care that I would be the biggest person (i’m often the biggest girl in spin class too) in the class, I’m there to reverse that. So of course, I bought a groupon for Ilovekickboxing in Chelsea. I’ll update on the actual experience.
  • Shopping
    • I’ve decide to quit shopping as much this month. I am in need of good sweaters…BUT I won’t buy any until November. However I did buy a waist cincher and a halloween outfit…
  • Giving Up My Ex
    • Another story, another post. He needs to disappear from life unless his attitude turns into another man’s attitude.
  • Letting Down My Hair
    • I have found that my hair grows so much when I don’t touch it and leave it in an updo style. This month, I’ll straighten it and another time I’ll diffuse the curls and let it down. Pics to come.
  • Study Sessions
    • I love school! But since I got my masters degree, I don’t think a PHD is necessary for me. So instead I buy tutorials on things I want to learn like photo-shop skills and digital marketing necessities. Then, I never sit down and do them, I need a 1 hour a week (to start) study session at the library or on my couch.
  • Clean
    • I’m going to clean out my fridge and pack up my summer clothes for storage. That’s the hardest thing on this list!
  • No Dating Break
    • By the time I finished this list, I have decided that I don’t want to give up dating (really laughing out loud).

Wish me luck on completing my October Goals #clearthelist

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