A Chocolate Affair

I went on another date with Key. As you remember, last time his card was declined but he paid cash. The whole situation makes me laugh. This time we went to Ayza Chocolate and Wine Bar in Manhattan.

I really thought the place would be good but it was mediocre. Key and I met up in the village. He looked very attractive, he reminds me of Andre 3000: tall 6ft, slim, chocolate and his voice is very deep/masculine.  We decided to try chocolate martinis. Recently, I am into the man ordering for me so he ordered our martinis, a truffle pizza, and shrimp dumplings.

Ugh, the chocolate martinis were not good. I would probably never try one again. Key wasn’t a fan either. The truffle pizza was amazing and tiny! The shrimp dumplings were average. Did I mention the truffle pizza was amazing? Yes I did.


Key and I talked way too much about our lives, where we work, and our future dreams. I usually have a policy to keep details to myself if i’m not sure the man will be around for a bit. He’s a such a good listener and so funny. Hence, why I named him Key from Key and Peele.

Key mentioned that his ex-girlfriend disagreed with his new lifestyle. He was some type of software IT guy who made good money but hated the grind so he opts to work part time to have a better life. Umm

side eye janet

Huh? You want to wake up when you want to? Okay… Yea if I was his girlfriend, I would have complained as well. Good thing i’m not.

My thoughts: Key is super sexy. I’m not sure about his work ethic but he’s sexy. He paid cash this time too.. but he’s sexy. I don’t see him being long term but he’s sexy. Maybe I should rename him sexual chocolate?

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