Scars From Back Surgery #tbt


Here’s a cool Throwback Thursday photo of the scar from my 2012 back surgery.

Picture this, I was running on the treadmill as I would do any other day. All of a sudden something clicked or ticked or cracked. After that day, I started to lose the feeling in my toes. A pain began to occur from my right butt cheek to down my leg to my toes.

Not being educated on these injuries, I turned to google and figured that I had Sciatica. Sciatica is a pain in the butt literally! Ha. I went to the doctor in February and they told me nothing was wrong. Of course my pain worsened and it became very painful to even walk. This was more than sciatica! The pain went on for a few months actually. At this time, I was working as a marketing assistant and FT in grad school. The pain really affected those things.

I was fed up and still in pain but I had started to manage it. I spent a lot of time on my cold apartment floor because it was better on hard surfaces. There was a few times that I cried from the pain and inability to be like I was before. Some guy I was dating even bought me a cane and crutches.

Fast forward to May, I went to a new doctor who actually spent the time examining me and sent me to get a MRI. That MRI showed that the disk in my lower back was herniated which was also causing the sciatica. I needed surgery immediately and I had the surgery 2 days later. My mom flew in from Michigan, as it’s only me in NYC. She took care of me but I walked out of the hospital the same day with months of physical therapy in my future.

Currently, it’s hard to get to sleep because my back aches, it cracks very easily, and is uncomfortable when sitting in chairs or standing for very long. The few things that make my back feel brand new are working out, massages, and propping my back on something while sleeping.

I don’t know the cause of my injury but I know I was 24 years old when it occurred, way too early to have these problems. I am very lucky to have solved the problem mostly and be able to run/workout now.

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