Tuesday Weigh in – 9/15



It’s Tuesday again and Weigh Day. Today I’m a total of 9 pounds down because I lost 1 pound between last week and this week. Yippie so close to 10.

I feel good about this as I should every week but I can’t wait to hit the 10 down mark. I’ve been eating a little bit better this week and even chilling out with the alcohol and meals on outings. I think i’m beginning to get used to eating controlled portions and working out.

I have began to strength train again. I love the feeling of sore muscles to remind me to get back in the gym. I am lifting weights, doing lunges and a variety of butt/thigh exercises with weights. I have also began to do more core exercises which is definitely great since my back surgery. All with time, I say.

The more I learn on my own, the more I become addicted to this world. Sometimes, I just wish I could wake up 80 pounds less but I know I have to put in the hard work.

Until next time…

Next weeks Goal 1.5 pounds.

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