The Accidental Date

I went on an accidental date.

A good accidental date, with Jon.

By now you know that I like to chat with guys a bit before I go out with them. The same goes for Jon but he was definitely extra special because I liked him from the first time we met. However, our schedules just don’t match up and I didn’t have the energy to try to make them. Jon was always asking me out and I was always coming up with a reason why I couldn’t go, until this past weekend.

I happened to ignore Jon’s invitation for a date so I could go out with my girlfriend from out of town. After she flaked, I went out with my cool friend Jess but invited Jon also. Jess was always down for a good night and has proven to be a good friend. We went to a lounge by apartment to talk, get drinks and scope out the guys. I wasn’t sure if Jon would actually come but he texted me and said that he was on his way there. I was happy but tired, after getting in two workouts that day. I had to see Jon that night, I was looking exceptionally cute. I wore a black faux leather leotard (actual leotard below) and a blue skater skirt with heeled sandals. bodysuitMy boobs were exceptionally high that night (with help), sitting up so perfectly for every man and women to see. This was great for me as I think I need a boob job. I just felt sexy like this:


Jon showed up in all black looking very hot! His facial hair was lined up perfectly and he was instantly very touchy. Touchy men usually scare me but with Jon, I actually liked it. Jon sat down in the extremely loud lounge and asked him if I wanted a drink. Of course I do. I realized that I couldn’t actually talk to Jon with all of this music so we left for a quieter lounge while Jess went home.

I call this an accidental date because there is now way that your first date should be in such a loud and obscene place. It was actually my fault that we go to dinner like he insisted. It was supposed to be a girls night out but I knew that I wanted to see Jon anyways. It was kind of selfish of me but the date turned out pretty good. At the second lounge, we smoked hookah and had a drink or two. Most importantly we talked about our life, held hands, and laughed. Several times, I caught him staring at me, giving me his “sexy face”. Being the curious cat that I am, I asked him why he was staring at me like that. Of course, Jon said, “you are so pretty”. Oh how I like Jon. Thanks Jon, you think I’m pretty? Aww I think you’re handsome: wink wink.

At one point, Jon rubbed my leg and said “I love your thickness”. Oh thanks Jon, I thought, “I’m trying to get rid of this thickness” but I replied, “thank you”.

At around 2:30am, Jon walked me home since I lived a few blocks away.

My thoughts: I could totally like Jon. I did like touching Jon, it did not feel weird at all. Jon is cute and has a deep sexy voice= YES. Jon likes to workout and cook. I workout and I hate cooking. Great match. Let’s see what happens.

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