Tuesday Weigh In


I stepped on the scale this morning with an uneasy feeling. I really wasn’t sure of the number that it would display…. I am 1 pound down today for a total of 8 pounds down. September 10th would be my 1 month mark.

Let’s talk about what I ate this past week. I rarely cooked, I went on three outings that consisted of multiple drinks and yummy food. I did workout like a psycho to try to make up for it but you just can’t make up for eating badly. I would say that I eat considerably healthier than before (Aug 10th) but I still have a bunch of improvements. I feel okay about the lost of one pound. I can fit back into this yellow peplum shirt that I could no longer fit and I fit into my floral shorts that I could never fit but refused to return. This week was a good week.

Next week my goal is to lose 2 pounds.

One thought on “Tuesday Weigh In

  1. Great Job! I’ve lost 50lbs so far and losing the last 20 is proving difficult x I’ve maintained for the past 16 weeks now and it’s time I kick myself up the butt! Good luck on the rest of your journey xxxxxx

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