Meal Prepping.. When You’re A Bad Cook

Hi, I’m Krystal and I’m not the best cook. The meals that I do cook, taste very good but they are mostly foods with huge amounts of carbs.  I make great tacos, quesadillas, pasta, spaghetti, chili, meatloaf, breakfast, chicken Parmesan, and mac & cheese. I really do not like cooking at all and don’t understand why recipes have to have more than 3-4 ingredients.

I meal prep a lot and eat the same foods over and over and over  a lot. Unfortunately, I do have a few processed meals in my meal prep schedule this week due to lack of time.

This week

Breakfast – I eat the same breakfast every work day, mostly. 5 large egg whites with 7g of bacon bits and a little bit of cheese. This week I stopped including the bacon bits (I love bacon).

Dinner – I cooked chicken breast and diced them up so I can easily weigh them and throw them in a container with veggies for dinner or lunch.

Lunch – Lunch is where I’ve been eating processed potpies that are so delicious but horrible for you. Most times (like today), I buy a shrimp caesar salad at my job’s cafe. Let’s talk about this salad for a moment. This salad (actual salad below), is the best thing to happen to me on work days. It has 5 jumbo shrimp that I dice, bacon bits, whole wheat croutons, caesar dressing and lettuce of course.

I really like this salad but I can only estimate the amount of calories in it, which makes it hard when tracking my eating.


I have to cut out the processed meals (that sodium!) even though they cost me $.99 per potpie (haha). I have to reduce the amount of bacon that I encounter. I’ve also noticed that I’m going to have to become a better cook if I’m not trying to die of boring meals. I have to figure out a way to make easy meals that won’t break my food budget. It’s such a shame that healthy food costs way more than junk. I’m trying hard to balance healthy eating and not spending loads of money. Is it always one or the other?

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